Which is worse: liberal or conservative media?

Which type of media is worse: the liberal media, or the conservative media?

  • Liberal Media

  • Conservative Media

57% 20 votes
43% 15 votes
  • Conservativism is not racism...However I agree that Fox News is a whore

  • Liberal media is totally biased. If you've ever watched CNN there is no republicans on their show at all. Fox news, the reliable media source has both views on the political topic.

  • The right wing ideology is based on exclusion and disdain, while the left wing ideology is based on inclusion and equality. Fox News is race-baiting trash, while Real Time is just funny.

  • Both are extremely biased. Might as well listen to the one I agree with.

  • Im guessing that conservative hacks are going ahead and voting for the liberal media while refusing to acknowledge how f*****d up the conservative media is, so ill go ahead and counter

  • Def the conservative media. When a liberal argues for affordable healthcare (not free), we are called God damn fascist socialist commie bastards. Cons need to learn the difference between those socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism. Moving on: prochoice liberals are called God forsaken baby killers, conservatives want to bomb everything, the list goes on and on, and yes, I used to be a conservative, so I know how they roll. I guess liberals can "go rogue" too. ;)

    Posted by: Sitara
  • Conservative media like fox news and small-town talk shows are filled with disdain towards immigrants, Lgbtq+ community, And POC. Both media sometimes distort facts but conservative media is more guilty of that.

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Cowboy0108 says2013-09-05T21:30:14.7468125-05:00
Oops, I voted for the wrong side.
ACJORDAN says2017-07-31T14:57:24.8425019Z
The Liberal media creates accusations towards others and stories based on self-opinion and assumptions, with a drizzle of facts. Fox News, even though definitely not perfect, brings both sides of the parties. Admittingly taking advantage of the lone defender on occasions, but with evidence and allows the other to defend themselves. CNN won't even permit conservatives of any species because of fear of conflict, which is ever present in news while having polar opposite opinions. CNN and other liberal news organizations should allow a friendly debate between both sides and not separate the classes, but encourage each other to work together for the best solution.

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