• Fascism

  • Communism

64% 30 votes
36% 17 votes
  • Even at worst communism still comes from a place of compassion.

  • Communism is just a government type, nothing bad about it.

    Posted by: Hayd
  • Communism is anarchy without property and with equal distribution of economic goods... that sounds infinitely better than fascism.

  • Can't believe this is a question. Communism is left wing and thus cares more about its people while fascism is right wing and doesnt care about it at all. All these uneducated, brainwashed, ignorant folks voted for Communism, typical...

  • Communism as described by Karl Marx would be a perfect system. The problem is people used it to gain power. Fascism on the other hand is bad both in ideology and practice.

  • Communism has everyone equally miserable, and fails when skilled labor comes into play. Fascism at the very least has a system where people can improve their lots, usually through bootlicking, or occasionally, talent.

  • Communism is worse in my opinion. Take a look a Hitler or even the fact that it makes people miserable and their lives hard.In my opinion they're both bad. However I say communism is worse is this case

  • I am completely indecisive on this so I just chose communism.

  • I can't believe this is a question

  • civilization in its finest

    Posted by: heil94
  • At least Facism tends to be pretty good for a majority in a country. Commies end up really going insane once they get into power and kill anyone who they think might have the slightest inclination against them. Just look at how many people have been killed by Communist regimes vs facist ones. It isn't even close, Mao made Hitler look like an amateur. The only way you could ever think that Facism is worse is if you're a liberal who is biased pro-socialism period. If you look at the death tolls in an objective way, Communism is much much worse. Plus Communism is ridiculous as an ideology and never produces anything good.

  • Fascism is pretty bad, but at least the people generally liked it -- Hitler was voted to remain as a dictator -- it was clearly advertised -- by a ratio of 9 to 1. Anyway, the Russians had no choice with Stalin, and Russians' lives were much worse than Germans'. At least Hitler actually fixed up Germany a little bit, even if he was an evil dictator.

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PetersSmith says2015-06-06T00:45:35.5454303-05:00
I hate communism because it's in my American blood, but I also hate fascism because it's rule by the corporations.
OpinionPersom121 says2015-06-06T01:50:17.4247353-05:00
I hate one person rule it is unfair and actually causes destruction the only form of government I like is democracy
Theunkown says2015-06-06T06:34:42.9381395-05:00
I can't believe this is actually a question.
OpinionPersom121 says2015-06-06T09:45:16.6998973-05:00
@Theunknown lol why?
Theunkown says2015-06-07T07:53:05.2398429-05:00
@OpinionPersom121 Because of the inherent authoritarian nature that is in Fascism (its in the damn definition) compared to the libertarian (anarchic) nature of communism. Communism promotes egalitarianism while Fascism promotes glory of the nation-state, even if it means constant war.
eagleoftheeast says2015-06-07T13:18:15.8888967-05:00
Authoritarianism isn't bad if you have a good dictator. Just like having strong parents and obedient children is better than having neglectful parents and free children. Fascism just means the authority bans whatever does not help the nation as a whole like opium and cigarette. Communism is supported by angry workers that hate rich and want to drag them down. That's why communism is never voted to power, it just has angry workers kill everyone they don't like.
triangle.128k says2015-06-07T14:10:17.5401273-05:00
I agree, authoritarianism can work well if you have a good dictator.
triangle.128k says2015-06-07T14:11:31.3483978-05:00
A dictator ruling doesn't mean the government has to be oppressive, they can still grant rights like free speech to their people. I just prefer a democracy/republic because authoritarianism is kind of risky sometimes, a bad dictator would lead to severe damage. A bad president wouldn't be quite as much of a threat.
OpinionPersom121 says2015-06-07T14:19:07.3575035-05:00
@TheUnknown true
debate_power says2015-06-08T19:18:25.8361393-05:00
Communism as a system is libertarian in nature, even if different proposed ways of achieving it are not.
michaelkyle14 says2015-06-18T11:31:33.0705603-05:00
Both are authoritarian systems. Both are negative.
Theunkown says2015-06-18T12:57:39.4758485-05:00
@eagleoftheeast. Actually The indian States of Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura elected communist governments into power. They were paticularly succesful in Kerala which is the highest ranking in Human development in India. As a plus, I have heard that police brutality is as good as non-existent (which is quite uncommon in India anyway), saying this because of the constant media reports of US police brutality. Yes authoritarianism is 'good' if you have a 'good' dictator, I put good in quotes because not everybody will find the dictator good because one single ideology will never appeal to 100% of the population, neither will one policy. Also, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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