• Hitler

  • Stalin

38% 10 votes
62% 16 votes
  • Hitler helped Finland. Stalin is a monster.

    Posted by: Mirko
  • Stalin Killed Many More People than Hitler-they are both monsters but Stalin was worse. Patton was right - we should have fought the russians when we had the troops in Europe to do it

  • Stalin was smarter, If I have to choose between these 2 I'm going with the one that wasn't an idiot. Didn't he already win this contest in WW2?

  • Stalin was a relatively good leader despide western propaganda, The mass-starving was not his fault, Sure, The victims could be lowered if another leader had decided but the actual cause was not communism but a trading embargo from the west which had a devastating effect on Soviet, This lead to an increased focus on wheat but the next year there was a drought and the wheat went bad. Stalin tried to reassign his position multiple times but was each time asked not to, He was not either a dictator and many of his decisions were cancelled by a council. Stalin was at least a serious leader unlike the extremely irrational nazi f├╝hrer who took meth. Hitler did at many times interrupt his generals in the war which lead to the loss of nazi germany, If he had not he would at least stand a chance at winning but him deciding to attack Soviet and kill the entire population was choosing a fight that he could never win.

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