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70% 37 votes
  • Cats are more responsible than dogs will ever be! Cats, unlike dogs, are independent creatures and don't need anyones help to survive, and I am not just talking about domestic cats either. Dogs will give up their life for you... WHOPPDEDO, HES DEAD!!! It is because of this dumb fact that most people think "Dogs are Man's best Friend"... SO WHAT??? Cats don't WANT to be your best friend!!! They want their independence and will do anything to get it! That is why a cat will always, ALWAYS be better than a dog!

  • dogs are better then cat because they are more playful and make a good friend then cats do cats are lazy when dogs are more fun to play with they are a men best friend

    Posted by: 105627
  • hey

  • Cats are part of my family. My cats wake me up, play with me, talk to me, cheer me up, and sleep with me. I may not have lived with dogs, but cats are better in my opinion. I've slept over at my aunt’s house many times, and her dogs are a handful. People believe cats hate when you're nearby and jump all over everything, but it's not true. At least my cats don't. My cats come running to the door when I arrive home. My cats also can take care of themselves. Dogs you need to walk them, play with them, pick up after them. I am lazy so I own two cats. But they both have pros and cons, I personally prefer cats. And I won't insult anyone who owns a dog. :)

  • Cats are better pets than dogs because that a cat saved a 4 year old kid from a dog that was going to eat him AND cats are smarter, have better eye sight, they are not hyper and they eat mice. Cats also are smaller, lighter,cleaner, they rule the internet, better survival without food longer, less slobbery,you don't have to take them out for walks, AND they save peoples lifes

  • cats are cute

  • In the US, approximately 95.6 million cats have owners, along with some 77.8 million dogs, and many other canines and felines are stray. Domesticated, the cats have all been tamed for four thousand years, and the dogs for forty thousand. Being soft and cuddly, cats have exceptional hearing, but don't make that much noise themselves. When most people get a dog, they look for soft, cuddly fur. If they really want soft and cuddly, they should look for cats instead. Anyone could see that cats are much softer. While dog-lovers may say that some dogs have fur just as soft as cats, these dogs are few in numbers, and almost all cats are soft. The main reason that cats are softer than dogs is because they don't have that many guard hairs. These are hairs that protect the canine from rain, wet and snow. But felines do just fine without them, which shows their superiority. In addition to having softer fur and being more cuddly than most dogs, cats are great pets to just have around, watching everything that happens. Although most would argue that dogs can be watch dogs against intruders, cats are just as good; their ears pricking up at the slightest sound. Going into high alert, their ears act like a satellite dish, rotating to catch all the sound waves. Cool cats can hear frequencies that are one and a half times higher than what dogs can pick up. Cats, although they certainly make noise, they make it softer, less annoying, and the sound is not the same in every feline. Relaxed, some meow, some trill, and some chirp. While most would argue that you can obviously train a dog not to bark, when the owners are not home to rebuke them, they BARK! BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!! The same old bark, over and over, is repeated the whole time while the owners are not around, nonstop. When cats are left alone, however, they are quiet creatures, who barely make a peep, and don't drive the neighbors insane with sounds. Thus, it is obvious that quiet cats, who hear everything around them and have the fluffiest fur, hold a higher position over dogs, and should be welcomed instead. By far, the best advantage of having a cat is that it will not make the neighbors hate it because of its noise, but will make them love it for its fluffiness and alertness. People smart enough to get one of these 95,000,000 some cats in the United States should know that they will probably enjoy them for thirteen to twenty years, which is the average lifespan of a domesticated cat. Anyone could see that cats are much better than dogs.

  • dog bark sucks.

  • Speaking as someone who's owned both - dogs.

  • dogs are better than cats

  • Dogs are very loyal and will do anything to earn your attention. They love you very much. They will love you even more if you play with them.

  • Dogs are like fuzzy little people with emotions and they grow and attach to you. Cats see you as a source of food and we humans see them as a source of entertainment. Dogs are loyal, and (this is especially with amstaffs) you see depth in their big bug eyes, you see a loving soul mate. Dogs earned the name "man's best friend" because of this.

  • because gibo sauced this question

  • I think that dogs are way better than cats. For instant dogs are way more playful and active than cats will ever be.

    Posted by: aeb228
  • Dogs are super cute, easy to take care of, guard dogs, and more! Dogs all the way! 100%!!

    Posted by: baee
  • dogs are mans best friend and they listen to u and learn cats just walk around and scratch stuff like a piece of lump

  • Dogs are man's best friend and they're more active than cats. They'll keep me on the go.

  • cause dogs are loyole and do anything for you

  • dogs i can depend on, and are there for you no matter what and are good protectors. dogs are adorable plus i am alergic to cats

  • Dogs are more affectionate and loving, there like a best friend. IF you have kids you'll more than likely like dogs. They make a great family pet, and are very kind if trained correctly. Most cat breeds enjoy being alone, not that fun for a pet in my opinion. I personally think dogs are the better choice here. What can I say a dog is a mans best friend!

  • Personally, I think people choose cats and dogs not just because of how good of a pet they are, but simply based on personal opinion. For example, an elder would more likely choose a cat because of their mellow personalities but a family would more likely choose a dog for their fun loving and playful personalities. But I do think dogs can supply for a person's needs more than a cat can so this is why I think dogs are better/ make a better pet.

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Mockery says2013-11-21T19:28:28.3487958-06:00
I think is, I am allergic to cats. That isn't to say I don't like them but afterwards, I feel like crap because my eyes are watery and my nose is stuffy. So I'll have to get a point to the dogs.
Brittybear says2014-07-09T14:01:07.2831215-05:00
For me Dogs are better than cats because of the unconditional love they show. They have the ability to warn us of things such as cancer or if we may suffer from epileptic fit they cheer us up when we are down they guard us they are not lazy and make you feel loved and so many other reasosns
kittygirl04 says2015-03-10T09:33:23.0138007-05:00
Did you notice that the people that voted for dogs didn't give much info?
Humanities says2015-06-15T10:03:45.9548000-05:00
Dogs do more for the community. They help in K-9 units and other military service
Humanities says2015-06-15T10:03:51.0560981-05:00
Dogs do more for the community. They help in K-9 units and other military service.
Humanities says2015-06-15T10:11:17.6967130-05:00
Cats are better than dogs because cats are every ones best friend not just a man's. Cats are more responsible, intelligent, and who says cats arent loyal? A cat saved a boy from a guard dog.
Humanities says2015-06-15T12:52:17.9228853-05:00
Dogs make better pets than cats because they keep people fit and healthy,they are real life example of a hero such as the K9 unit and search and rescue.

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