Which music listening platform do you like better: Spotify or Pandora.

Posted by: lannan13

  • Spotify

  • Pandora

92% 48 votes
8% 4 votes
  • Spotify has more feature and is more personal. you can skip as long as you want-beacause its your music. plus,its more important in music

    Posted by: abj30
  • the best

  • At least can stay on one artist when I feel like it.

  • it shows you new artists that go with your taste in music

  • Spotify is much more efficient and allows you to personalize the app to what you like. Spotify also allows you to pick and choose your music, unlike Pandora, which chooses it for you.

  • Spotify is the best! I like how organize their music platform look

  • Spotify allows me to choose what songs I want to listen to as well as create playlists, listen to songs related to the one I'm listening to, and see what my friends are listening to. Not to mention it has way fewer ads and more skipping. However, Pandora is good if you want to just have internet radio without listening to a specific song.

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