Which nation had a stronger military during the Cold War?

Posted by: StarCraft

  • USSR

  • USA

32% 9 votes
68% 19 votes
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Suuu says2016-02-13T01:35:01.0408953Z
Realistically, the cold war was mostly about nuclear deterrence more than anything. It would have been unrealistic for either side to start a conventional war (aka with normal troops) when the other were threatening to launch nuclear weapons.
Skyscraper says2016-02-13T14:26:22.2445239Z
Hard to say i believe Russia had way more because the chances there missiles would hit there target was slim due to errors in the navigational systems. So they built more to send, so one could make it. Even now in cruse missile technology they cant compare it to the USA systems. But for cost wise USA looses but made it back in economics. ( Birth Of the middle Class )

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