Which of these animated films do you think is better?

Posted by: ladiesman

  • Frozen

  • Inside Out

38% 12 votes
62% 20 votes
  • Better and deeper story/moral

  • People act like Frozen is the only disney movie with a strong female protagonist (*cough**cough*MULAN*cough**cough*BRAVE*cough*) but that is not true. Also they used the same models that were used in Tangled (strong female protagonist) which I think is a little lazy of them. Inside out made me cry, and any movie that can do that to me is definitely good. It literally explained DEPRESSION to children and how important it is to cry every once in awhile. It explained the process of growing up and that is just amazing to me. It was so fun to watch and I just LOVED it. Frozen didn't have something that impactful and beautiful, but people give it the most attention. So many good Disney movies are overlooked (or at the least valued less) than movies like Frozen. Spoilers (I guess) for Frozen: I am super mad at the character development of the prince what's-his-face (not bothering to google it.) When I saw the movie there was a scene which he had first met Anna, in which they made a huge mistake. They act all cute together and as Anna leaves, he looks at her with dreamy eyes. Why does this make me mad? Because, out of nowhere, he suddenly becomes the bad guy and has no concern whatsoever for her. It makes no sense! If he genuinely had a crush on her then he wouldn't have been fine with killing her (maybe her sister, but not her.) They also already had a villian (the old guy, another guy I won't bother googling the name of.) To me it was just forcing itself to be progressive and take out the love at first sight trope, which did not work well in the movie (also she ended up with Hans, which she knew for like a DAY, even after they discussed that falling in love that quickly was ridiculous.) Sorry for the rant, I just don't like Frozen.

  • There wasn't even an antagonist in Frozen until the last 15 minutes. The whole movie was basically the first act, then they threw in a climax and resolution in right at the end almost as soon as he was introduced. Very long and drawn out. There was also an insane amount of marketing and hype that went into it (probably because it was the next Disney princess thing).

  • Frozen is good, but overrated. Inside Out deserves more publicity.

    Posted by: Lyssie
  • Inside out shows an interesting explanation on how the teenage body reacts when happiness and sadness goes missing. While the movie Frozen shows signs of rebelling, and 'letting it go'.

    Posted by: Emna
  • I'm an adult and found Inside out to be very compelling scientifically and just for plain viewing pleasure. I will elaborate my explanation for why Inside out Is better than Frozen and a great movie in general from an area that is of great interest to me. For years as we grow older we have a growing curiosity as to how our thoughts are produced and what ultimately is controlling our minds to express emotion in everyday life. Theory of being controlled by a homunculus (another small creature that controls our brain) is a highly regarded theory for psychologist and all aging humans around the world. I imagine that this movie and this very concept also provides fruit for thought for children as well. Children are always yearning for knowledge and answers for things they don't know and understanding the human mind is just one of these areas. Even though as an adult we know homunculus, Which is the basis of this movie, sdoes not exist it does makes us think and anymovie that is able to do that (especially Inception... Wow), is fantastic in my books. Frozen just does no do this to me so in this regard I would say that it lesser film of these two. The film is well thought out and moral is trully what makes this movie beyond frozen reach. All the islands the bear and the tragic faith that lies ahend of memories we form is all logical and reasonable. The moral is good becuase it does infact take the movie out wstep further from saying that we have good and bad times in our life especially during our childhood. The conclusion and ending is fabulous of the movie because we can appreciate the message that by going through bad moments we can appreciate the goood that comes ahead because without bad moments we can not have the good they come together. That is a simple fact of life and in my opinion is what makes the very memorable. The movie does justice to science and its cinetmatic experience by taking us through different emotions. As a grown up, no feeling was more apparent than the feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia of our childhood innocence, our childhood hardships and childhood memories that have been lost forever. The movie takes us on a journey as we reflect on our childhood with events that coincide in the film as we long for the good times and forget the hardtimes. BUt it is important that we do not forget them as we are who we are with ups and downs that we have experience. In this respect, it clear that Inside is better of the two movies.

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