Which of these currencies is more economically successful?

Posted by: WilliamsP

  • U.S. Dollar

  • Euro

47% 7 votes
53% 8 votes

  • The U.S. dollar is the currency of international trade. As of now, most all business has to be done in the U.S. dollar, supporting it (Regardless of the buffoons running the government at the time).

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HeavyReader says2014-04-11T09:27:01.9020863-05:00
I've learned yesterday from my american government teacher that the United States is ranked number one in wealth but I'm not going to take sides on this. It doesn't really define successful
Actionsspeak says2014-04-11T11:56:59.2780350-05:00
Well view it like this A. Ignore the value of both currencie that simply shows which currency their is more of. B. For an example let's pretend both the U.S. Dollar and the Euro don't exist and say a country were to implament one of them as its currency neither would be more successful than the other.....
Actionsspeak says2014-04-11T11:57:36.4101534-05:00
I only voted USD to make this closer to a tie, which this poll should clearly be.

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