28 Total Votes

Republican Party

12 votes

Libertarian Party

9 votes

Democratic Party

7 votes
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BrendanD19 says2016-07-11T17:38:27.6217113Z
Green Party
lannan13 says2016-07-11T17:46:21.9488328Z
Well, this poll is specifically for these three.
reece says2016-07-11T23:45:02.7356119Z
@NewLifeChristian I guess you would be happier to live in Saudi Arabia.
lannan13 says2016-07-11T23:55:30.8348905Z
Don't worry, he's just Objectively wrong.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-12T01:08:29.5582951Z
@reece Nope, I like living where I am right now.
lannan13 says2016-07-12T01:09:25.2357658Z
So Saudi Arabia right?
benhos says2016-07-23T01:52:11.5413790Z
None of the above. Before 2015 I was a Democrat, but I do NOT support the party any longer due to how corrupt and capitalist they've become. I'm even farther left than Democrats. You could call me a Green.
yelekam says2016-08-08T05:57:47.1191632Z
Prohibition Party
This_Is_Glitching says2016-10-06T10:43:18.5160599Z
@benhos In that case, I'd like to introduce you to literally any other 1st world country. America is so much further right wing than any other developed country.

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