• Darth Vader

  • Kylo Ren

58% 15 votes
42% 11 votes
  • I interpret worse in this sentence to mean that the villian was more evil therefore I do not think that it is an argument that so far Vader has been the second most evil sith after Sidious.

  • Darth Vader wasn't a whiny brat like Kylo

  • Darth vader wasn't able to stand luke being killed, whereas kylo ren killed Hans solo

    Posted by: Hiffi
  • Kylo Ren appears to have the desire to be evil, he keeps going on about resisting the pull towards the light.

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Rjupudi18 says2016-11-25T05:55:37.9555650Z
What do you mean by worse. More evil, more of a threat or less in value?
captainsparrow says2016-11-25T14:53:08.0252024Z
@Rjupudi18 More evil.
Samuel_Kalya says2017-11-08T11:39:59.1162287Z
Kylo Ren only has a good looking mask-helmet.

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