Which one do you prefer sporty girls or girly girls?

Posted by: Ilona

  • Sporty

  • Girly girls

60% 6 votes
40% 4 votes
  • Women showing femininity often appear confident i think, but sporty types often looks a bit insecure like they are working to reach apoint they can accept themselves. Maybe it's just me..

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Formerland1 says2014-06-23T19:02:11.7703623-05:00
Sporty girls no offence to Gorky dorks are often less Whitney and rude
lannan13 says2014-06-24T12:52:08.5963741-05:00
Why are there two of these?
jyotipatel says2014-06-26T01:53:28.6648471-05:00

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