Which One Is Better - Morris Minor or The Mini (1959-2000)

Posted by: Polaris_SSBM

2 British Motor Legends Pitted Against Each Other To See Which One Is Better - The Morris Minor or the Mini (1959-200)

  • The Morris Minor

  • The Mini (1959-200)

17% 2 votes
83% 10 votes
  • The Mini has had a profoundly rich history. It's recognized world wide and was a rock star, an economy car, a racing car, and a pure legend during it's 41 years of production. It beat out Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, etc. in the Monte Carlo for almost 5 years straight. It was even voted as the 2nd most iconic car of the 20th Century and the most quintessentially British car of all time.

  • all english products are substandard they are built by lazy union dole suckers

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XDLOLMAN says2019-02-13T08:38:07.2293567Z
The MIni. But ill take a Golf over a Mini in modern day.

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