Which one is better Starbucks or dunkin donuts?

Posted by: Nd2400

Is Starbucks better yes? Or is dunkin donuts no My pick is Starbucks, because i just think their coffee is better. The white chocolate mocha is so good. If they make it right. Because some Starbucks close to me suck. I guess because their are close to the mall. So if you drive a little distant, that's when you get the good stuff. I guess that"s just me. Anyways i just think Starbucks has better taste. Plus i also think Starbucks pasty are better.

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Dunkin donuts is a no

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Starbucks is a yes

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foxxhajti says2017-08-16T13:17:37.2434184Z
We don't have those here, so I'll have to pick Costa coffee lol

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