• Sun

  • Moon

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
  • We cannot exist without the sun. It is the source of all energy in our solar system. Without it, there would be no life on Earth.

  • The sun provides all energy on earth. Think of a world without electricity, plants. It also heats up the earth so humans can live on it, unlike planets like pluto. Without the sun, we all wouldn't be able to live on earth. Just picture this: No plants, frozen oceans, permanent sub 50 temperatures, no animals, no electricity. You get the picture

  • The sun, a mass ball of hydrogen and plasma, is essential for human life on Earth as it provides us with heat, light and vitamin D and other nutrients. Without the sun, we do not exist.

  • No waves no problem No sun No heat no food

  • Without the sun, Earth would be nothing, but a cold, barren wasteland. We would still live without the moon. The only 3 things we would sacrifice is the following: 1. Tides would be smaller 2. Nights would be pitch black 3. The Earth's axis would vary But, those things wouldn't necessarily make the human race extinguish. That would just mean that our lives would be slightly harder, but I LOVE THE MOON :). ME LOVE MOON!

  • Thank you for providing energy necessary for life (and solar power).

  • The moon's also important, but Without the sun...WE WOULD DIE!!! *(dramatic music)

  • All life dies without the sun. I like the moon better because it looks cooler, but the sun is WAAAAYYYYYY more important....

  • I'd have to say the moon because without the moon we wouldn't have her tidal powers & I love the way the moon looks at night; the different patterns and occasionally rare colours.

  • We cant create artificial light but we can not make an artificial secondary gravity source that keeps us in control orbit-wise (as well as makes waves), without it we would spin into disaster before we ran out of light from the sun.

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Kreakin says2014-04-15T18:49:39.8878036-05:00
Better for what?
Ilona says2014-04-15T18:51:38.2451525-05:00
Just better
Ilona says2014-04-15T18:51:53.7672520-05:00
Which one do u like better
scots says2014-04-15T20:38:34.6814431-05:00
Hard to choose
discomfiting says2014-04-16T09:31:11.9558645-05:00
You can't say without the sun we'd sun because without the moon we'd die too.
camocat09 says2014-04-16T09:31:17.1237099-05:00
I realize my argument for the moon is difficult to work with but if we knew the sun would vanish we could create heat light and plants (that could live with artificial light and heat) artificially. However this is only if we had time to prepare for the suns vanishment.

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