Which part of a person is more likely to attract you to them?

Posted by: Sophia13

Which of these features is more likely to attract you to a person?

  • Their Genitals

  • Their Personality

10% 1 votes
90% 9 votes
  • I fall in love with the person, not what's between their legs, Sorry.

  • The personality leaves a much lasting impression. If you focus only on the genitals, you could be stuck with a shallow douche bag that has nothing left to offer...

    Posted by: Najs
  • Surely nobody will pick the option on the left...?

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PetersSmith says2015-05-13T22:10:53.9875116-05:00
Wow, what great options. Really.
briantheliberal says2015-05-14T00:53:02.6924867-05:00
I don't know... Genitals are pretty important too. (at least to me they are)
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-14T04:11:16.8192644-05:00
How can you fall in love with someone's genitals...? If that's the case, you can't fall in love with anyone since you can't normally see them, lol.
Reeseroni says2015-05-14T07:27:47.9964314-05:00
briantheliberal says2015-05-14T08:24:13.8116716-05:00
Who said anything about love? The poll is asking about attraction, and quite honestly I am attracted to genitals like most people, otherwise we wouldn't be here.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-14T09:08:21.0005781-05:00
@briantheliberal: From the OP's vote comment: I fall in love with the person, not what's between their legs, Sorry.

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