Which Political Ideology do You Think is Least Flawed?

Posted by: debate_power

Meaning, which do you think is better in terms of being less flawed than others?

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Conservative Point of View

9 votes

Moderate Point of View

7 votes

Liberal Point of View

2 votes
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Anarchist Point of View

2 votes
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Communist Point of View

1 vote
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My Point of View (Conservative with a high emphasis on morals preceding all other beliefs)

0 votes

I don't Care

0 votes

Fascist Point of View

0 votes
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travis18352 says2014-05-25T10:03:55.0253744-05:00
Cold-Mind says2014-05-25T10:22:13.5729513-05:00
Point of view is not same as political ideology.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-25T10:29:28.7415457-05:00
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-25T11:19:26.0883612-05:00
Conservatism is the strongest political view.
jwcmcorbin says2014-05-26T11:14:41.3981671-05:00
CJKAllstar says2014-05-26T11:56:00.4809844-05:00
Libertarianism isn't per say a political ideology. It is a side in which all of these can tilt on as with authoritarianism.
fuguaixmax says2014-05-26T13:15:25.5417137-05:00
The biggest flaw with conservatives is the chronic contradictions. They are Pro Life but believe in death penalty and they don't believe in social programs for underprivileged for poverty stricken children. They don't want "social safety nets" for the elderly although they preach family. They don't think the disabled need monetary help, yet want to pour billions into military spending. They want fiscal responsibility ,yet constantly give the rich tax breaks, loop holes and bail outs. They say they want to uphold the constitution , but only when it favors their beliefs, ie guns, religion, discrimination against gays, Histrionic, Blacks, and other minority. They claim they support women but don't feel women warrant the same pay as a man for the same job. They feel they have power over a woman's body through birth control and abortion. And still treat women as objectified jokes in the back rooms. As for the middle class, the Republicans have crushed the American dream. Their is no way to climb the corporate ladder even with a degree with the staggering debt straight out of college. A kid has to take a mediocre job maybe not even in his field to get those student loans met an d to live, never achieving any real success. Republicans tout "lower taxes" but for the rich, and a country cannot run with no revenue, so programs and infrastructure is failing miserably. And finally education, Republicans want to totally abolish science and filled the kids heads with some perverted version of Christianity du jour. Knowing that not only is Christianity subjective but so is morality. Lastly, Republicans have ran a smear campaign about the ACA for month and months, but not one viable alternative has been offer to the table. So why whine and moan , when you have not counter offer? The obstructionist and the vitriol this nation has displayed against this administration is sickening, childish, counterproductive, and ludicrous. So that is why I think the Republican/Te Party/Libertarians are not only nuts but a failure of political party and a shame on the United states, 112 Congress.
CJKAllstar says2014-05-26T13:39:58.7223417-05:00
To the last comment about Conservatives, you are really naive. Anybody who things belonging to an ideology means holding all of its views is clearly uninformed about ideology works. Considering you mentioned the constitution you are clearly an ignorant and the only view of Conservatism you hold is one of a stereotypical confederate hillbilly. Sorry, but I am pro-life regarding abortion, anti-death penalty but still more Conservative than I am anything else. You can be Conservative and Atheist. There was so much wrong with that I just...
Haroush says2014-05-26T13:42:04.4897402-05:00
Fug, You would fit in well with the rest of the politicians.
Haroush says2014-05-26T13:43:14.8706934-05:00
.. On Capitol hill that is...
debate_power says2014-05-27T19:54:33.0880034-05:00
Well, I'm sorry if anyone as well as Cold-Mind was thrown off by the "Point of view" thing.
debate_power says2014-06-03T18:57:21.4018026-05:00
Oh, also, CJKallstar is correct in saying that Libertarianism isn't an ideology, per say. To be fair, neither is authoritarianism.

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