Which Political Party Are You?

Posted by: wolf902

Which Political Party Are You? (By Wolf902)

  • Republican Party

  • Democratic Party

61% 17 votes
39% 11 votes
  • I concider myself a Tea Party Patriot, but I tend to side with Republicans more.

  • freed the slaves, voted in favor of women's suffrage, voted for integration. Democrats voted against all of these.

  • I believe in freedom, and although I think conservative invasion in private life is disgusting, I don't believe we can ever have any freedom, unless we first have economic freedom.

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yetifivepecks says2014-06-03T11:36:07.4900761-05:00
There are a lot more parties than this. Neither of these parties is me, and neither represents me either.
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:36:56.1308761-05:00
Well yeah but these are the 2 main ones
scots says2014-06-03T11:40:15.4052239-05:00
They are not the two main ones
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:40:49.6470044-05:00
Whatever, sorry, fine.
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:41:04.0231372-05:00
Independent, i guess, but…
scots says2014-06-03T11:41:05.2313045-05:00
Only in the United States
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:41:13.6327988-05:00
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:41:39.8097666-05:00
But it is just us
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:42:14.3390001-05:00
Who did democratic
Cold-Mind says2014-06-03T11:42:48.3254058-05:00
Neither. There is way too much variety of opinions inside those 2 parties. Only reasonable thing to do in US is to support good individuals from both parties.
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:43:51.2343267-05:00
You could be right…
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:44:21.8792055-05:00
I will make a different one at some point, since this is not getting good reviews.
scots says2014-06-03T11:47:31.7325511-05:00
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:48:00.1873465-05:00
Define SNP
scots says2014-06-03T11:48:40.7478665-05:00
Scottish National Party
wolf902 says2014-06-03T11:49:11.6355915-05:00
Oh, that explains the username. Cool
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-03T12:17:26.4246554-05:00
I would say I'm a Libertarian Republican, but because of the Republicrats running around, I'm more independent I'd presume.
discomfiting says2014-06-03T12:38:27.8083463-05:00
Rockfeller Republicans are the only way the GOP will win any more presidental elections with the progressivism and liberal(terianism)
Crescendo says2014-06-03T14:26:50.6234927-05:00
Please tell me Discomfiting is a troll.
debate_power says2014-06-03T16:11:51.0452971-05:00
I know for sure I'm not much of a libertarian
missrepresented says2014-06-03T23:55:25.6287856-05:00
Marixst-Anarchist says2014-06-04T10:41:21.9901803-05:00
I am a Marxist, I am not either of these. I will not stand for failing "democracy" in the Capitalist agenda. Both parties fail and have failed for hundreds of years. Republicans are too oppressive and Liberals are too focused on fixing the wrong things. Both parties are screw ups.
texans14 says2014-06-24T22:22:28.0085829-05:00
Republicans only care about themselves? Well, we're willing to pay more to send troops back to Iraq to fight terrorism. This would help save thousands of innocent lives.

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