• Democratic Party

  • Republican Party

36% 8 votes
64% 14 votes
  • American Republicans are just closet social theocratic fascists that enjoy sucking the d!cks of the top 1%. .

  • Well Republicans are barely functional retards who's sole political agenda is screwing over Americans and losing war's based on lies and apealing to a base of dogmatic ,hypocritical ,uneducaded duechebags w tiny penises

  • It's the liberal Democrats fault nothing gets done in america. Their proposed legislation is too radical like the DREAM Act wants to provide financial assistence to illegal immigrants attending school. What the hell is that about? they shouldnt be here anyway, help the american kids.

  • None, but that wasn't an option.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Neither, but if I had to choose I'd go for the Republican Party because it's the party that holds true to the values and principles of the Constitution at least occasionally (though usually not).

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SamStevens says2014-06-02T18:15:28.0765355-05:00
Feel free to leave a short comment explaining your reasoning.
briantheliberal says2014-06-02T18:32:49.3388636-05:00
Republicans are fascists, they don't care about the poor, minorities or equal treatment of human beings.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-02T18:35:07.3511789-05:00
Both are wrong. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties are in bed with big corporations. These corporations basically buy themselves representatives on Capitol Hill by donating massive sums of money to them on the condition that they vote in the company's favor.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-02T18:36:32.7606314-05:00
Aside from this, I am for the abolition of all (or at least both of the above) political parties. I am for a system where individuals run for office on their own merits.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-02T18:37:34.5303025-05:00
I do hate the Republican Party more, but that wasn't the question.
discomfiting says2014-06-02T18:41:26.0680571-05:00
The actual right wing ideological definition is the support of social inequality & social stratification. Authoritarianism & extreme pseudo-patriotism is basically their entire platform; to say anything against or question tradition or how things are is to be unpatriotic & evil. Brian really isn't wrong.
discomfiting says2014-06-02T18:43:02.8108450-05:00
I know both parties are in bed with big corporations but democrats are "correct" compared to republicans.
Chimera says2014-06-02T20:13:16.9639561-05:00
Neither are 'correct', they're both statist sects that are unconscious to the needs of the populous, and only conscious to the needs of the establishment. They're both only there to regulate the freedoms of the people, and maintain their own control. Republicans are ignorant and reactionary , whereas Democrats are just patronizing. Both however, are authoritative.
ladiesman says2014-06-02T20:16:33.3102660-05:00
There are no "correct" parties. Democrats and Republicans may have their differences in ideology, but one is not superior to the other.
madness says2014-06-03T08:31:55.1114084-05:00
None, they're both funded by the private sector to push their own agendas. Its a 2 party dictatorship, both parties have been elected for over 100 years. An Independant hasn't been in power since george Washington, due to the fact that the parties control the votes and the systems. Independents have to get ballad access in all 50 states, which is near impossible without huge corporate funding.
texans14 says2014-06-24T22:27:20.8346126-05:00
It is not true that Republicans don't care about minorities, women, the poor, gays, etc. That's just what the liberal media wants you to believe.
DouglasInDebating says2019-06-26T19:25:55.5840870Z
The Democratic Party used to be pro slavery in the 1800's, But then they noticed so many minorities and women were voting now and they knew that if they were pro segregation and anti suffrage they would have extraordinary vote loss making their chance of running state or presidency very low. So they proposed a new plan, They were going to tell women and minorities that they can't live independent lives but instead they need to live off the democratic welfare. And somehow people were tricked into this bull crap. So the Democratic Party gets more votes and they make billions in hardworking Americans tax dollars, Then keeping a 68% profit while giving the rest to minorities and women to live on their butts and live in a socialist spree to pull this country down. This brief history is just an essence of how much the Democrat Party has screwed over America. So i going to choose the Republican Party, The party that believes that not laziness but hard work is they key to the american dream.

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