Which political party will better suit the economy and betterment of the people?

Posted by: Letrus

Democrats or Republicans

  • Democratic Party

  • Republican Party

47% 7 votes
53% 8 votes
  • The Democratic Party, totally.

  • The Republicans will turn the once first world cities back into livable, amazing places, however the Democrats will benefit everyone.

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johnawesome says2014-11-10T12:50:25.9236707-06:00
The Libertarian Party.
Juan_Pablo says2014-11-10T13:27:01.0173330-06:00
I know what the Democratic Party stands for. I have no effing idea what the Republican party stands for. None at all!
debate_power says2014-11-10T15:10:23.6513423-06:00
ben671176 says2014-11-10T17:43:16.5416510-06:00
The Moderates.
Feroste says2014-11-10T22:00:49.7920185-06:00
Socialist Party.
BobthePlumberDude says2014-11-11T14:50:51.8950599-06:00
Libertarian Party. Without a doubt.

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