• Rand Paul

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

86% 24 votes
14% 4 votes
  • I don't think the left even has anything on him, where Hillary has a multitude of failures.

  • Hillary is an immoral nightmare. look at her record, she has done nothing in the many years of being in the political arena. Rand takes unbiased stances and says things that some republicans wouldn't dare say, he speaks the facts and isn't afraid to go against the neocon belief system.

    Posted by: james7
  • seeing as how all the conservative and libertarian hacks have jumped on the rand paul train, ill go ahead and pick the one who actually has a chance to win

  • The absolute lesser of two evils

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Battaler says2013-09-15T21:11:37.2813269-05:00
Rand Paul seems ok, but Ron Paul's the Man, Hilary Clinton on the other hand? Well wtf is she even doing in office...Anybody supporting her must be close to braindead.

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