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  • Sarah Palin

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TBR says2016-01-24T16:06:52.2300891Z
I think calling Palin a "politician" at this point is a stretch.
TBR says2016-01-24T17:10:53.5542501Z
@imabench - How can she be both a cold-hearted b1tch killer, AND loose to "Girly" Palin at the same time? Conservatives make no sense.
imabench says2016-01-24T17:32:51.1927452Z
I didnt say she would lose to her....
TBR says2016-01-24T18:38:57.9220536Z
No. Sorry, talking about any conservative who thinks she would. A serial murder, hell bent on devouring any prey on the one hand, and on the other not able to beat the "picture of femininity" on the other? Does not track. Now, if its Palin and family.... That is a question mark.
Vox_Veritas says2016-01-24T18:52:07.7776325Z
Palin's governorship wasn't actually all that terrible. She wasn't able to get a lot done because of lots of opposition and "scandals" that overwhelmed her.
triangle.128k says2016-01-24T20:12:08.1468039Z
Didn't Sarah Palin want to invade the Czech Republic over a suspected Czech bomber in the boston marathon or something?
TBR says2016-01-24T20:25:21.0285188Z
She quit her governorship before she could do anything. Then again, it is Alaska. Do you think they just take turns?
Kilk1 says2016-01-25T01:53:17.4245518Z
After sending some classified emails abroad, Hillary goes to the match and gets creamed--LIVE ON TELEVISION! (Believe me, I was surprised and previously would have agreed with imabench that the cold-hearted killer would get a fifth one.) In humiliation, Hillary claims, "It didn't happen; it was JUST A VIDEO! Besides, even if I did lose to Sarah Palin, WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?"

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