Which recent recession was the worst since the Great Depression?

Posted by: 1Historygenius

We always hear from the media: "This recession is the worst since the Great Depression!" However, is it really?

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2008-2009 Recession

The housing market collapsed in 2008 resulting a massive financial panic that greatly effected the economy. Unemployment rose as high as 10%, but inflation was not a major issue. President Bush signed bailouts to large banks. His successor, Presiden... t Barack Obama, signed more bailouts and large stimulus plan to revive consumption   more
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1981-1982 Recession

When Ronald Reagan became president, the country in a bad economic condition and he decided to pass tax cuts, withdraw government intervention in the economy, and allow the Fed to reduce the money supply. Mainly a result of stagflation, this recessi... on saw a combination of both high unemployment peaking at 10.8% and high inflation, a really rare case   more
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1990-1991 Recession

A combination of savings and loan, spike in oil prices, a tax increase, and the Gulf War resulted in more inflation and unemployment as high as 7.8%. President George H.W. Bush could do little to help the country out of recovery with his election sw... inging around and lost to Bill Clinton. After that the economy quickly recovered   more
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Early 2000s recession

The famous dot-com bubble of 1999 and 2000 burst in 2001 as a result of 9/11 and increased interests rate from the Fed to quell the stock market. Unemployment peaked at 6.3% and there was now major inflation problem. President George W. Bush cut tax... es in order to help quell the economic issues   more
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