• Islam

  • Hinduism

90% 52 votes
10% 6 votes
  • I have never seen any Hindus do or plot attacks against other countries.

  • Obviously, the religion calls for violence. Now, whether it has been the crutch for the most, idk, but in modern society it is definitely the cause of the most.

  • How many Hindu terrorists do you see? Little to none. Hindus are very peaceful and tolerant people. Islam is definitely mostly the opposite. Just look at ISIS, the Talban Al'Queda, etc

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • All of them.

  • They wage war against everyone (including themselves) since 1400 years...

    Posted by: LC88
  • I've seen so many videos of Hindus terrorising Muslim inhabitants, its not funny any more. Further more, although ISIS does claim to be motivated by Islamic means, almost every educated muslim shiekh, normal guy, mufti, etc has condemned ISIS repeatedly. sources are provided for my claim: https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2015/nov/24/why-its-wrong-to-demand-that-muslims-condemn-isis http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/70000-indian-muslim-clerics-issue-fatwa-against-isis-the-taliban-al-qaida-and-other-terror-groups-a6768191.html http://www.smh.com.au/national/muslim-leaders-including-the-grand-mufti-of-australia-back-fatwa-against-isis-20160101-glxtbp.html For some reason however, most of this is ignored in the media, and people think that Muslims accept that ISIS are representative of Islam. Its absurd in the first place to even state that they represent islam when over 90% of their victims are MUSLIMS.

    Posted by: Samdar
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WeAllTogether says2016-11-16T04:59:04.0804731Z
For me. There are no religion in this world ask for violence. So my comment for this vote : THERE ARE NO RELIGION IN THIS WORLD HAS CAUSED THE MOST VIOLENCE.
King_0 says2016-11-16T08:04:03.6708911Z
Religions cause violence. People believe whatever they believe and will fight to the death to protect their beliefs. I don't think it's fair to say one religion is responsible for violence, rather religion itself is indirectly responsible for violence. I say indirectly because even though most religions don't call for violence, the people who believe them will feel threatened any time someone else tries to impose different beliefs on them, and thus violence occurs.
lightseeker says2016-11-16T11:10:29.1122980Z
Anonymous says2016-11-16T12:09:11.8351736Z
Theism is atheism
madness says2016-11-16T12:22:05.4110382Z
@WeAllTogether. You must be stupid and ignorant to believe religion doesn't cause violence. Look at the crusades for example, THAT WAS A HOLY WAR. Get a brain kid.
metaphorically.grace says2016-11-16T14:15:35.5117866Z
Neither. All religion causes violence and Islamic extremists are currently causing violence, but so are orthodox Jews.
emk13 says2016-11-24T06:44:03.2339001Z
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-24T15:45:56.9121042Z
^^Lmao what?
Jayceaw says2016-11-27T18:43:18.5988151Z
Islam is a violent religion. Everyone wants to hate christianity for no reason but no one wants to accept the fact that islam is violent.
benhos says2016-12-02T03:14:43.2578111Z
Rjupudi18 says2016-12-04T20:02:48.2210321Z
Those who voted Hinduism, you KNOW Islam is more violent. You're just being ignorant and blind to reality.
imjustsomeopinion says2016-12-05T22:19:41.7048380Z
Not ignorant, just defiant. Though i agree islam is the more violent of the two, i don't blame anyone who chooses hinduism. I'd see it as more of a "other" option instead of actually being just hinduism, otherwise it's just a terribly formed question.
Rjupudi18 says2016-12-05T22:36:12.0468425Z
If you agree Islam is more violent, why did you choose Hinduism?
imjustsomeopinion says2016-12-05T22:44:31.4995733Z
Lmao that's just my bad XD. I agree that islam is more violent. Thanks for letting me know that, it's changed now
Rjupudi18 says2016-12-08T01:54:44.2504415Z
No problem!
bodog says2017-03-15T23:44:51.2997277Z
Christianity. Muslims, as it says in the Quran, are a peaceful people. Christian has killed millions of innocent atheist and other heretics
WINNINGDIS says2017-12-03T14:29:10.2058369Z
AJR says2018-02-23T02:20:05.0382949Z
I'd say nearly every religion has gone too far at some point.

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