Which school system is more efficient?

Posted by: Godridden95

Which public school system would be more efficient for the modern world.

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Representative Schooling

Public schooling where the state decides a specific curriculum in which the student should learn but the administration of the school and the students hold considerable power. The students are represented through a republican system where there is a...  government that is elected by the students and has the power to create rules and regulation, petition the administration for a redress of grievances, directly influence the finances and budget of a school, and decide what curriculum is most important for that school to learn (aside from the state mandated curriculum)   more
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Democratic Schooling

Public schooling where the supreme authority in the school rests amongst the entirety of the student body. There is absolutely no state curriculum or administration and the students choose what they wish to learn. Rules and regulation are created by...  the students through a democratic vote and the student's only real responsibility is to be present for a specific period of time   more
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Common Core Schooling

In public schools, the state takes over the implementation and evaluation of information taught to students. In which the state determines what is more important to be learned, how the student is to learn, what environment should the student be plac... ed in, the level of administrative power the student has, and how well a student must do in order to pass an evaluation written and graded by someone else. The responsibility of the student is narrowed down to learning what is taught, how it is taught when they should attend, and how to pass an evaluation by reverberating what was taught   more
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BoomBox21 says2018-03-25T07:13:59.5062085Z
Common Core Sucks.

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