Which sex does grosser things? (more icky) please comment as its funny.

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

All arguments valid as long as they are actions by the sex. Example: women have periods, and men have "excitement discharge" are fine but not "god said man was better"

  • Women are the icky sex!

  • Men are the icky sex!

70% 21 votes
30% 9 votes
  • My sister was describing the smell a lactose intolerant person makes after using the wash room. Her boyfriend is now going to make said lactose intolerant person drink milk so he can experience the smell. my fiancĂ©e supports the decision, eww!

  • Today, I cam home from school with gum in my hair and chocolate milkshake down my blazer. All the work of boys!

  • Almost all porn, is made by men, for men, often using women. Almost porn, shows some degree and varation on women being degradering, defiled, humilatied, dominated, f*****, or otherwise hurt by men, often several men. Most men enjoy watching porn, we are the icky sex!

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carriead20 says2015-01-31T17:08:28.6101058-06:00
Lol a bunch of guys voted!
YamaVonKarma says2015-01-31T17:32:32.7529491-06:00
*Sigh* I think we can start reporting EbolaMaster now
YamaVonKarma says2015-01-31T17:33:16.9329671-06:00
My Negroid sensors have yet to fail us
shaancl_716 says2015-02-04T16:29:48.3286471-06:00
Women really are a lot grosser... We just hide it a lot better than men do

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