Which Side Are You On?

Posted by: matkepne

Which team are you in favor of (NFL and Rival related)?

  • Minnesota Vikings

  • Green Bay Packers

30% 3 votes
70% 7 votes
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CannedBread says2015-04-28T12:57:42.6549298-05:00
Neither, the Chicago Bears.
dbushwacker says2015-04-28T13:09:17.5281238-05:00
geauxpelicans5 says2015-04-28T13:19:56.0819057-05:00
I'm a saints fan.
matkepne says2015-04-28T13:53:53.9592328-05:00
The vikings are my favorite team so I'm just going for them because i'm showing favorites...
lavachima says2015-04-29T19:05:55.3148068-05:00
I love the Patriots so I cant really pick sides
170366 says2015-05-07T10:21:56.9221259-05:00
Its funny that the vikings think they have a rivalry with the packers they aren't even close to as good as them

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