Which side would you fight for in the Civil War?

Posted by: paulsilasmills1863

Poll closes at the exact anniversary of the civil war

Poll closed on 4/12/2018 at 4:30AM.
  • South

  • North

42% 16 votes
58% 22 votes
  • Because why not

  • Being from georgia, if I lived in civil war era I would fight for the south. Because the majority of the confederates were fighting to keep their way of life. Back then, what they did was acceptable, we know now that it is not, but they were not fighting purely for slavery like most people think. They were fighting because of taxation, beliefs, and even representation.

  • Purely from a states rights perspective. I would have still opposed slavery.

    Posted by: Biatec
  • Because of states rights... And because of their superior uniforms.

    Posted by: Hassel
  • BORN and RAISED southern

  • The North was Constitutionally right in what they did leading up to the Civil War.

  • North for the win

  • The South fought for slavery. It wasn't for freedom from the country, but for a system of oppression that the rich white people wanted to keep in place. Had the South won, slavery wouldn't have been abolished. I cannot rightfully side with racists, no matter the other factors that may have come into play.

  • Only if I serve under August Willich a Communist Union Officer.

  • Im from the north AND i hate slavery!

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Leaning says2018-02-02T09:42:18.3399647Z
Neither. Self centered.
MacWorth says2018-04-21T15:56:57.4111603Z
I'm from the South, GA in fact, and I chose north. Why? Well, I do believe that the confederacy is history and you can't take that away, but the confederates were racists, even though they fought for states rights. And I love how people from the GA side are saying it is history. I say that because the Georgia founders, the trustees and James Oglethorpe, were completely AGAINST it. When the colony went back to a royal colony, the British implemented slavery, NOT the original founders. James Oglethorpe would be 100% against slavery in modern society or back in the 1850's. In fact, GA was the only colony that banned slavery. The Brits wanted slavery, NOT the founders and the original people of the Georgia colony.
MacWorth says2018-04-21T15:59:11.7895603Z
Plus, slavery was started by democrats, even though they pin most racism on republicans. And I am a republican, so I'm not about to take the dem side of this argument.

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