Which spending is more effective?

Posted by: FreedomBeforeEquality

You have 800B to spend on either Education or on War, which is the most effective way to spend these dollars? Does dropping 800B on Education make a lick of difference in the world versus what you could accomplish with 800B in defense spending? Why?Http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/erikkain/2011/04/17/do-americans-care-more-about-war-than-education/

  • Education Spending

  • Defense Spending

81% 17 votes
19% 4 votes
  • This is a close one as I think neither money would be used very effectively. As far as defense goes, we have that locked down with current spending. With our military, armed citizenry, geographical isolation and the ultimate ace in the hole, nuclear weapons, no country would dare try to invade the US. If we used the money to wage war with the intent of pillaging and enslaving that might give us some benefit, but were pretty committed to not doing that. The likely result is that the military would buy some more expensive toys. The education money would probably be at least partly used for higher teacher salaries, that would probably lead to some better qualified people being hired as teachers.

  • You need smart people to sustain your country and run it. What is the point having stupid people in charge of your national defense?

  • How do you think America became such a leading scientific and industrial power? By fighting over bits of oil-rich land in the Middle East?

  • If the money is spent reforming our already flawed education system, then yes. If its simple to sustain the status quo, then either option is good.

  • I'm leaning toward this being the better money spent. Education is widely wasted in the end, teaching everyone under the guise that they have potential and to the goal of filling a limited number of positions that exist anyways. Military spending seems a tad more direct and can be focused better on a specific task. Education is a blanket endeavor. I do have to tip my hat to the fact that education is effective as it is based on a decentralized government. If you support it over military spending ... I think you'd also have to recognize how much better a program is just being run outside of federal hands. Pretty impressive.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T13:15:47.3974038-05:00
Bah ... No one has any explanations or reasoning. Must have only been only highschoolers casting the votes so far.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T15:15:08.4786605-05:00
@tajshar2k I don't see world leaders of the 1900s being any more inept in the charge of national defense than the ones in place now. Where's the benefit to all this increased spending? National defense I see as something that does take more money to innovate and keep up with innovation. Being a good person, being able to lead people, and make important calls about the nation doesn't really require any more knowledge than what already existed back when. Burger flippers don't need college degrees ... Or even high school degrees. They are fast becoming requirements for everything though. I don't see the need for all the extra schooling when 2years OJT will set you up far better than any associates (and most bachelors) degrees will for whatever job you're doing. Its a racket really.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T15:19:21.9852614-05:00
Education is only driving its own need for more education, something to further separate yourself in the job market. Its not the job market driving it. Employers could train an individual for a position for considerably less than what we dump into their educations. You can ask most anyone working about their college experience versus what they use (or even remember) now in the real world. Most of it is a total waste.
debate_power says2015-04-29T15:46:46.7611480-05:00
We're already a powerful enough military country, and we're trying to compete with China and the rest of the world for technological and scientific advancement. We don't need more guys with guns. We need more with brains.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T15:55:05.6082605-05:00
Sure we are ... But double either budget and which one would change the world more? Defense spending or education? I just feel more gets done with the defense money.
debate_power says2015-04-29T15:57:51.8600748-05:00
It's true that we need our military spending to ensure Europe gets oil from the Middle East, or it least it would seem that way.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T16:12:43.5848605-05:00
"By fighting over bits of oil-rich land in the Middle East?'' It would seem its directly related to that, yes.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T16:13:37.5753992-05:00
Europe too. So its helping our nation as well as others.
tajshar2k says2015-04-29T16:17:06.5310518-05:00
There are more jobs than just flipping burgers. Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, people in the trade sector all need education to get a job. Its the only way our country and economy will last. Our budget should stay the same, because we already are 20 years ahead of the technology other countries use. Our education system is a failure, so In my opinion, I say we fix that first. We don't need to worry about our superior military. (for now)

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