• Tobey Maguire

  • Tom Holland

48% 29 votes
52% 32 votes
  • I like that in the Tobey Maguire incarnation, his webbing is natural and not artificial. In terms of personality, Tom Holland.

  • coz hes cool and hes black spiderman and blacks my favorite color

  • Here's my problem- they are totally different scripts, screenplays, etc. Trying to judge them is like judging whether a apple is better than a potato- nothing is similar between the two other than they are food- just like how Homecoming is totally different than Raimi's Spider-Man. Besides this, I would have to go with my boy, Maguire. While he was a lot older, he provided the most real performance, while Holland made Spider-Man a sorta' unrealistic and almost too comedic-focused performance. I felt like Maguire did a great job because he made it so real- truly embodying a moody, confused, teenager. Holland made it out to be JUST your family-"friendly neighborhood Spider-Man," not applying as much sense of realism. In essence, I think that Homecoming was aimed at family, while Raimi's Spider-Man was focused on embodying Spider-Man and viewing his world from his own POV. Two totally acceptable, but completely different versions. It is just in my opinion that I like Raimi's Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire more. Plus, we got to see Green Goblin played by none other than William Dafoe- why wouldn't you like Raimi's Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire?

  • tom is suck

  • he is a baller

  • he is one of the original spiderman actors for live action

  • He is the inevitably the original

  • Original, At least this century. Holland is too young now and will end up having the role for the next 15 years, Giving him ultimately a rich legacy, But Tobey started it. The others are just putting their spin on the original's performance.

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TheMorningsStar says2018-03-18T20:29:39.8117379Z
Toby Maguire played a better Peter Parker but a mediocre Spider Man, but I think that Tom Holland plays the role of Peter AND Spider Man better.
Nfornoname says2018-05-14T17:04:39.2566204Z

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