• Snowboarding

  • Skiing

38% 9 votes
62% 15 votes
  • Weeeeeew

  • Because I ski, so that automatically makes it better.

  • WHen you ski you seem to have more control i say that because i do both and i like skiing a lot more. It seems easier to learn, teach, etc. I'm not vote for this because i ski more then i snowboard i say this because people very wont to know y its better

  • Skiing happens to be scientifically proven to be better for your body and mind. I live in Telluride, CO, and ski at THE best ski resort in Colorado and I also have ADHD and Dyslexia and this great sport helps a LOT.

  • because ski is better cause I do it better

  • Nordic ski jumping is the best sport ever! I am in love with it

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benjamin2 says2013-09-26T18:04:34.2878931-05:00
ertww says2014-03-13T12:26:45.8278747-05:00
Of carse skis are better
erwalter says2014-12-01T11:13:54.8167745-06:00
Henry im sitting right next to you! Snowboarding is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-02T06:22:25.8603140-05:00
I've done both and I like snowboarding so much more. Snowboarding is easier to learn. It's much more free (no poles) and can make you feel like you're surfing snow.

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