Which superhero film are you more excited for?

Posted by: Rjupudi18

  • Avengers: Infinity War

  • Justice League

81% 34 votes
19% 8 votes
  • Infinity War Part 1 should be absolutely outstanding especially if they end Part 1 just like the comics did then so many jaws would drop!

  • In comics I always preferred the Justice League to the Avengers, but the recent Avengers films have been so good and the Zack Snyder films have been so terrible that it's really no competition.

    Posted by: brycef
  • Marvel is way better. Don't get me wrong DC is awesome, but I just like Marvel better. I am excited for Justice Leauge

  • ye

  • Ha! * votes for crappy Justice League! Hahahahahah!!

  • Justice League is rubbish- I know it cause' I saw it. Meanwhile, there were lots of easter eggs about A.I.W. , which makes us more better than J.L.

    Posted by: genji
  • avengers: infinity war is better.

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liam2002 says2016-10-29T16:57:35.1200282Z
Samuel_Kalya says2017-11-08T11:41:50.7349442Z
Ha! 8 votes for crappy Justice League! Hahahahahah!!

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