Which type of basketball is better?

Posted by: Psycho_Rudd

Womens or Mens?

  • Women's basketball

  • Men's basketball

15% 6 votes
85% 34 votes
  • mens are faster

  • this is pretty sexist.

    Posted by: yay842
  • I like collage hoops and march madness for men.

  • because men are better

  • Men's Basket ball is better but I like both because they can both shoot and also dunk but the men can dunk better

  • It is fun and it is easy because u dont have to worry about the big women

  • Men's basketball is way better and I'm not being sexist but in the WNBA there is no MJ or LeBron it's the begging maybe 20 years down the track there will be legends and girls trying to be better then them which will make it more interesting but for now with the Golden State gaining KD and Russ putting up an average of a triple double, the close MVP race between Harden and Russ just make the NBA way more interesting at the moment

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Humanbeing says2013-09-15T20:24:03.8884128-05:00
You must be trying to get someone to argue against you lol, hands down mens basketball
NBAlstar says2013-11-29T16:01:12.8449205-06:00
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-27T14:53:59.2579589-05:00
This is sexist. And just because you are a man does not mean you are better. I've played basketball for 4 years, I can tear up the JV boys and play alongside the varsity boys. Oh, and by the way, i'm a 13 year old white female. Don't tell me boys are better, cause I could probably wipe the floor with most of you boys.

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