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Intelligent Men

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Family Men

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Rugged Men

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Pretty Boys

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Mysterious Men

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Romantic Men

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Suavy Men

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Astal3 says2014-07-28T08:52:44.8039837-05:00
You forgot bad boys XD
SweetTea says2014-07-28T08:54:12.1127061-05:00
Let's get specific ............Intelligent, strong & family-oriented.
Cold-Mind says2014-07-28T08:55:26.4896917-05:00
Confidence is what attracts women. Any type of man, as long as he is decent looking is attractive to them if he is condifent.
Preston says2014-07-28T09:18:37.6885323-05:00
I hate hate of hate that hate hate when hate hates hate hatefully... So yea!
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-28T09:30:23.7113094-05:00
@Cold-Mind You speak the truth. That is why the awesome me gets so many women... I gave my blade to one, though.
SweetTea says2014-07-28T09:35:38.8986659-05:00
Cold-Mind ... No woman, in her mind, wants a confident slacker who she has to keep up ... Or a confident player who can't keep it in his pants long enough to be faithful to her ... Or a confident abuser, alcoholic, etc. Confidence is nice, but it ISN'T the most important thing.
reece says2014-07-28T09:39:31.1321115-05:00
@SweetTea You're the last person i would of expected to pick "Intelligent Men". Just joking
Kreakin says2014-07-28T10:03:45.5626360-05:00
All the men who must have a potential mate or they wouldn't be here. Given they are similar to their ancestors so the answer changes depending on who you ask. Same for the opposite gender too.
Heterodox says2014-07-28T11:26:28.5403413-05:00
You forgot rich. Which in many cases means they are good at lying and cheating (the irony).
schachdame says2014-07-28T14:50:57.0890320-05:00
@Cold-Mind I would say that confidence gives you a good chance to be noticed. And yes, there are women who just want a guy that gives them attention and the feeling to be chased. But getting a date and getting a relationship are two different things. Confidence gets you the first one. Not necessarily the second.
Natsu_Dragneel says2014-07-29T17:37:00.0651054-05:00
Intelligent "Teenagers" get the very special reservation in the "Friend zone". I must say, its quite cozy in here.
yetifivepecks says2014-08-05T19:00:09.3157647-05:00
It depends on the woman. A lot of women seem (to me) to like big, loud and unintelligent men, honestly, but it would be wrong of me to generalize all women this way. Much like it would be wrong of me to generalize all men as wanting thin, ditsy blonde women, who will make them good food and treat them like kings. My wife loves my compassion and intellect and creativity. I'm a short and skinny guy, who is intelligent but quite emotional at times. My wife is smart, loving and creative as well. She's very stubborn and sassy, which I find attractive. I am grateful that she is a good cook though. I cook too, but I am pretty awful at it. I am aware that I over-shared, but I am also socially awkward, and just don't care. Besides, it's my anniversary, and I love her so deal with it. Haha
shaddamcorrinoIV says2014-08-15T19:16:50.6851967-05:00
You also forgot a-holes

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