Which types of cars will dominate in the foreseeable future: Electrics or Petrol-Powered?

Posted by: SquidBonez

  • Electric Cars

  • Petrol Cars

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • Governments are making the shift to give electric motorists more priveleges through subsidies so I think in society their is a greater inclination to use electric cars. But I think more needs to be done to make availability of refueling electriv cars so that they can be a more active means of travel.

  • With the growth of large corporations turning to the side of electric cars, such as Elon Musk with Tesla Motors. Petrol motors have become antiquated being used since 1886. Also the worlds governments will hopefully come to notice the dire situation of climate change and help support the growth of the electric car. Finally because the price of electricity for an electric car is way less than that of petrol for an internal combustion engine. So as technology and batteries get better, they will become a more attractive choice.

  • My country is only allow electric cars after 2025. I live in Norway.

    Posted by: Aria2
  • Electric technology will grow for the next few decades. It'll plateau once the technology reaches it's maximum potential.

  • Foreseeable future? Gas powered cars will still be the dominate version for at least the next half century or so (or until the oil runs out). If you can accurately see what technology we will be using 50+ years from now, then I would love to ask you some questions on future investment options.

  • I say petrol. To make electrictiy to charge the electric cars, one needs a fuel source - either coal or fossil fuels. Now if solar power vehicles became more mainstream then I would certainly buy one. But that doens't put money into the pockets of shareholders that have investments in fuel types.

  • Electric cars will gain popularity in large urban areas. If you live in the country, I don't think they can compete any time soon. Imagine trying to drive coast to coast in an electric car

  • the electric cars use up gas to make the elicticity to charge the cat

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Xanxus says2016-12-28T04:30:00.3911894Z
The golden days of oil in the automobile industry is coming to an end. It will never reach it's height again and if it does it will be short lived. Electric cars are the future.

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