• Ronan

  • Ego

19% 5 votes
81% 22 votes
  • Ronan believed he was wronged by Xandar and he thought he was avenging those wrongs, whereas Ego is downright callous, narcissistic and selfish. Plus he was god-like and instead using his power for good, he used it for his own self-centered goal.

  • he wanted to kill his son and killed his son's wife

    Posted by: morayo
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TheRoyalAcer says2017-08-24T16:55:54.4959357Z
Good and Evil are points of view.
ladiesman says2017-10-05T23:02:21.8721906Z
@morayo Ego killed Peter's mother, not wife. Peter did not have a wife.
ladiesman says2017-10-05T23:08:42.4078692Z
@TheRoyalAcer Most people would agree that deliberately killing someone you love just because you deem her inconvenient and attempting to replace the universe with your own energies with a callous disregard for the planets' indigenous life would classify as evil.

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