Which War Can We Learn More From?

Posted by: TheBathead

Please post reasons so I can know who chose which side!

  • World War 1

  • World War 2

15% 3 votes
85% 17 votes
  • Well it would make sense that the first is the best choice cant have a part 2 without a part 1

  • WW1 undoubtedly led to WW2. WW1 taught us that you should not tangle alliances, and should not punish countries as Germany was punished. They come back with vengeance.

  • Never humiliate a country.

  • More destruction. Therefore we have more to learn from.

  • We know more things in World War 2

  • Letting genocide and the thought of obtaining vast tracts of land for Germans was a winning proposition. Also, From both the Nazi's and the Allies great questions of morality were considered about war crimes, war criminal acts, who is responsible when an order is given, and the like.

  • Not to centralize command structures in tactical positions to off field personnel.

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FuzzyCatPotato says2014-05-21T21:05:44.0177921-05:00
World War I only taught us that war sucks. Not exactly unique. Where we actually got lessons from WWI was in how peace SHOULD be.
Fanath says2014-05-21T22:07:38.8409598-05:00
No intolerance from WW11
dichotomyslave says2014-05-22T19:33:55.1288451-05:00
Fanath you are a strange little mutant.

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