Which war did the most damage?

Posted by: SanFranForta

Which World War caused the most damage to the world via structural damage and economical damage.

  • World War I

  • World War II

33% 6 votes
67% 12 votes
  • The ending of World War One (The Treaty of Versailles) was the leading factor of World War Two

  • As the previous commented has remarked, the Second World War would have not been if the First World War had never happened. Because they are so interrelated, the Great War causes the Second World War, thus causing more damage than it would have. Sure, you can make this arguement about any historical event, but because WW2 was a direct result of WW1 (a cause) then the latter did more damage overall.

  • While more terrible things happened in WW2, WW1 paved the way for all of those things and basically caused it.

  • It probably had more than double the casualties of the first one and was the most devastating war in history. Shame us Italians allied with the wrong side!

  • While the futility of WWI is terrible, the mass bombing campaigns of WWII did much more damage.

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Gareth_BM says2016-08-31T21:50:53.2534242Z
You could argue that a war like world war two would have been unlikely without world war one creating a climate for leaders like Hitler and Stalin to rise in. On the other hand world war two killed more people and resulted in the conditions that caused the cold war. World war two and one both contributed in bring an end to pax Britannica which depending on your point of view and what you think would have happened to the empires could have resulted in more or less damage in the long run.

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