Which was a better movie series: Harry Potter or Twilight?

This is not a critique on the books, only the films.

  • Twilight

  • Harry Potter

11% 25 votes
89% 197 votes
  • Twilight, Leo? -_-

  • Harry Potter all the way, it actually has a good plot line and meaning to it. it always has been and always will be the best

  • Really--is this even a fair contest?

    Posted by: bsh1
  • because twilight sucks and i don feel like explaining

    Posted by: tyson
  • I'm on the 5th book of harry potter, it's amazing! also, Twilight sucks

  • Always.

  • the least financially successful harry potter movie earned $90 million more than the most successful twilight movie!!!!!

    Posted by: tanvi8
  • Better plot, better characters, better everything

  • I'm sorry, Twilight fans, I can't hear you over the sound of our theme park! So many people come, it's a bit loud!

  • Why is this even being questioned?

  • Honestly? Harry Potter is a great movie. But once you start reading the books, you see it quite a bit differently. Twilight though? Just no. Not even going to start there.

  • Harry Potter focuses on the children of the crowd. Twilight however, would most likely be for teens-adults. Harry Potter, being the movies that they are bring in the audience of children-adults.

  • twilight is no match for harry potter

  • Twilight focuses too much on the romance. In Harry Potter, there is a balance for everything from magic to love. Also, Harry Potter is more interesting because it has secrets hidden beneath it. Potterheads can question and debate about whether Ollivander is good or bad,whether Snape is truly loyal,how Dumbledore actually found out about everything,etc; whilst Twilight can only debate about who Bella should marry. Thus, Harry Potter is way better.

  • Harry Potter is way better. It has character development, plot, and a very imaginative story. While I admit, I'm not a huge fan of the series, Twilight, to me and alot of people with taste, is one of the worst series ever. It has characters that are either "Mary Sue" type, abusive stalkers, or people that are categorized as villians when they actually aren't. And.. let's not forget how it completely insults vampires by,.. having them sparkle in the sun

  • In all honesty, Twilight glorifies abusive relationships and over-dependence on one person, while Harry Potter is more of a "good vs. evil" struggle.

  • Vampires suck.

  • Harry Potter is much more original. Take out the love triangle in Twilight, you get a girl who moves to a rainy town. Take out the love triangle in Harry Potter, oh wait, there is no love triangle. So original!

  • Harry Potter has: Well planned characters, engrossing plots and mythical creatures, where as Twilight only has mythical creatures. Which would you prefer.

  • No argument is actually required

  • It is a better book series as well the acting is far superior has much better plot more realistic and mature

  • Is twilight really an option? Harry Potter wins at everything!

  • Harry Potter's main female character continues to fight against evil and sticks to her best friend's side through the darkness even when her boyfriend/crush abandons them. When Bella's boyfriends abandons her, she curls up in a ball and then tries to commit suicide. I think it's pretty clear which one is better.

  • Twilight is just a ridiculous love story about vampires and werewolves and overall Wizards are way better. HP is better at everything.

  • HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST!!! 1st of all, j k rowling is a MUCH better writer. she makes the books appealing to kids AND adults. to boys AND girls. its not a sappy love story either. all twilight is about is how important it is to have a boyfriend and that you should stare at each other 24/7. WRONG!!! friendship is much more important because having your friends at you side every day of your life comforts you. and when your fighting the dark lord you'll really need your friends help. also, you should never give up, like bella does when her glittery boyfriend leaves her. anyway, robert pattinson even confessed that i liked playing cedric better that when he played edward.

  • Why isn't this in the funny section?

  • Waaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than Twilight!

  • Anything would lose against Twilight its just not debatable.

  • harry potter is just the best

  • Because I am not a 12 year old girl

    Posted by: basils
  • It's obvious.

  • Honestly, Twilight is an awesome series but NOTHING will ever best Harry Potter. This isn't just some girly book which only speaks to girls wanting a really awkward love triangle between a human, a sparkling vampire, and a werewolf, it has people doing amazing things with wizardry. Well at least until the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort. Twilights good but not THAT good.

  • Harry Potter actually has a story. Enough said.

  • Harry potter is about finding courage and strength to take down evil. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

  • Harry Potter 5ever

  • I have to say that Harry Potter is better. The story line just makes sense. There was a commercial for twilight that automatically turned the switch as to say "you're not gonna like this." The line was said by Jacob it was "You know I'll always be prettier than you." He said this to Edward. I mean seriously why?

  • harry potter is way better. i do like a story with love but i like how this story doesnt have to much. there is so much imagination in harry potter.

  • HARRY POTTER IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It has a plot, character development, doesn't have spelling and grammar mistakes, and the characters had real flaws.

  • Harry potter is way better than Twilight because J.K.Rowling is such a better author then Meyers is. It has a plot line through out the entire series unlike Meyers books. And to those Twilight fans who disagree, it's about Harry attempting to save the wizarding world from Voldemort. Unlike Bella basically gives up everything to be with Edward the stalking sparking vampire.

  • Harry Potter is amazing!! Twilight is just ok.

    Posted by: Chrisy
  • It has better everything (people, plot, settings, actors) Harry Potter is enjoyable and I could watch it over and over again

  • Harry Potter has a much better storyline than Twilight and when a battle happens, people actually die.


  • Harry Potter has an interesting plot. twighlight is about a vampire pedophile

    Posted by: anon12
  • Hogwarts is home.

    Posted by: Kozman
  • Harry Potter, All The Way!!!!!!!! Twilight was good, but it was cheesy. But in regards to which is better, as in, parallel to the book - wise, twilight was so much more accurate to the book than Harry Potter was

  • Cedric Diggory was killed to prevent him from acting in one of the worst movies ever

  • i love harry

  • All of J.K. Nothing's characters are three-dimensional. And there are hints that she planted early on in the series that were integral to the story later. Twilight's depth is that of a puddle, whilst Harry Potter has the depth of an ocean. Not to mention, all the actors in Twilight despised filming it. Robert Pattinson was best as Cedric Diggory.

  • What's the point of debating

  • There are so many reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight. Truth be told, Twilight wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Harry Potter, as Young Adult books wouldn't even be a market, and publishing companies wouldn't be looking for the next book to get people to read. The question though is, what are we using to get people to read. I get the fact people are wanting kids to read, but there must be better options for a girl rather than giving them a book that feeds them the same negative messages they are already getting. What attracted girls to Twilight, surely there are well written books with a female heroine in a romantic situation that would serve just as well. Harry Potter in the long run is better written, has few to no plot holes, but builds up believable characters rather than just relatable characters. There is a major difference between relating to a character because you want to self-insert yourself, and relating to them because you want to be like them in achievements or they've gone through the same issues like say bullying you have. Bella, her character is relatable in that teenage girl angst kind of way where the girls believe the world is out to get them, and we honestly shouldn't be feeding them this.

  • Is this a real question? THOSE MOVIES CANNOT EVEN COMPARE in acting, plot line, story, effects... Harry Potter is one of the rear movies that have so many sequels and that all are at least good.

  • Easy!

  • still, Harry Potter movies was make me cried, Twilight didnt, So i choose Harry Potter. But i love Twilight too

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leojm says2013-09-03T10:35:29.4996421-05:00
Oh no, it was supposed to be in the Harry Porter one.
PatriotPerson says2013-09-09T20:33:18.6084246-05:00
Oh okay. Not sure who Harry Porter is, though.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-17T14:32:58.4233139-05:00
Harry who? . . . Just kidding. Harry the boy wizard wins in this fight.
safebug says2013-09-17T18:02:29.9428578-05:00
Harry potter hands down all the way it was the most epic thing ever twilight sucks
mcalcara says2013-11-19T15:05:24.4411782-06:00
Emma Watson.
CatchyMalice says2014-10-16T12:08:18.2565499-05:00
Both are really meh.
Unzicker says2015-03-29T20:26:03.2541070-05:00
LOL at the 12 votes for Twilight
Ilovefantasy says2015-04-26T01:03:30.7030434-05:00
Of course Harry potter.Twilight movie sucks.
HazelStone says2015-08-29T03:35:37.7777022Z
Harry potter rules
debate_girl_135 says2015-11-27T17:50:45.4305748Z
Harry potter is amazing twilight creeps me out
sky_from_the_unwanteds says2015-12-07T15:41:25.9083452Z
Why would anyone pick Twilight over HP?
Debater4202 says2015-12-28T18:13:46.6431187Z
This is heartwarming
ryannagy says2016-02-11T03:14:46.2023611Z
Harry potter just has a better everything plus anything as a better love story than twighlight
star-movies21 says2018-07-05T16:48:30.9621714Z
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Haberak says2019-01-17T21:03:10.3140453Z
Lord of the RIngs
legendarious111 says2020-05-11T15:27:48.1060427Z
HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! I don't like twilight a lot. . . . .
legendarious111 says2020-05-11T15:28:06.2956427Z
HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! I don't like twilight a lot. . . .

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