Which way will the human race die?

Posted by: dtaylor971

So, I decided to look up some apocalypses and now I'm a doomsday prepper. Enjoy!

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Self-explanatory. We destroy our own planet with our Co2 emissions, or cause a huge nuclear war, etc.
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If Yellowstone erupted, there would be many consequences that would ultimately doom the human race. First, we have a volcanic winter, in which crops would be hard, or even impossible, to grow. Not to mention the ash would cause asthma attacks. Then,...  due to the amount of ash in the atmosphere, temperatures would drop significantly, causing unsheltered humans to freeze, same with animals. There goes our food supply. Needless to say, the years following after would feature fights between food, etc   more
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Other (state in comments)

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We're not talking about a flu epidemic, but an incurable pandemic. Like no vaccination, completely invulnerable. Say the pandemic hits China first, where most items are made and a lot of people transport. The Chinese population starts to die out a... nd not as many items are made. Then, the deadly disease spreads to the U.S through transportation. Slowly, everybody in the U.S dies from this disease. Then, all of the world is infected through our easy transportation and spread (i.E water supply, airplanes, etc.) We now have no chance whatsoever for a vaccination, and we are left vulnerable to the disease. Slowly, one by one, we all vomit our brains out, go Chuck Norris for two minutes and punch a TV, then die   more
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Jesus comes back and wipes away all of the sinners, causing a new human population to be created by GOD and all of the good doers are sent to heaven.
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Asteriod Strike

Oh man. If a big asteroid strikes us, we are all doomed. This doesn't need explaining, but I will lay out the steps. 1. Asteroid hurtles to Earth. 2. Government makes up master plan. 3. Plan fails. 4. Earth goes bye-bye :)
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Severe Weather

Say we cause a big tear in the ozone layer. We are now vulnerable to extreme weather. Not just hurricanes, but ice storms with winds and temperatures unforeseen striking every place in the globe. There is no shelter from the blazing heat or freezing...  cold. Crops can't grow and animals either overheat or freeze. We have no food supply. The water either freezes or becomes hot (which, you know, sucks). Then, we are left completely vulnerable to death   more
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Seeginomikata says2014-04-10T02:52:09.1674413-05:00
I'm somewhat of an optimist, so I don't believe humans will go extinct, however if they did, my top guess would be: Evolution. Second guess would be the inevitable heat death of the universe. If humans evolve to the point where they can no longer be considered human, by technicality, humans would have ceased to exist as a species.
Seeginomikata says2014-04-10T03:09:21.6771868-05:00
Even if a disaster event wiped out 99.9986% of the world population, humans would still have more than enough people to be genetically viable.
PartTimeHipster says2014-05-24T23:05:39.1192683-05:00
Pollution and Global Warming.

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