Which would you rather live without: cell phone or computer?

If you had to eliminate one of these two devices from your life, which would it be?

  • Computer

  • Cell Phone

41% 12 votes
59% 17 votes
  • 😴😵😲I won't live without a computer

  • You can live without a fell phone. This is for your safety because North Korea tracks down people from their phones. No one ever survives. An example is the Titanic. Hit by an iceburg? Hell no. Iceburgs aint destroying mother ships. North Korea can. And the Hindenburg incident. Aint nobody got time for internal explosions. Only nuclear bombs.

  • i would obviously pick giving up a computer. You can't call anyone on a computer and hold it your to you ear. You can't put it in your pocket. You can skype someone on a computer and stuff like that but like if there is an intruder entering your house you don t have time or pull out a whole computer and skype or e-mail someone.

  • Cellphone definitely. There are so many great computer games that have legitimately changed my life and interests a lot. Plus YouTube and all the social networking sites. Most of the social networking sites on your phones originate from the computer. You'd be stuck with games and a few apps like Instagram and Vine.

  • the only thing the phone does is call. that only differnce

  • Definitely this, because I'm 14, and because well... Why? Cause I'm Batman.

  • Why would I abandon a device that can do what a phone can (except for calling) with better performance?

  • Even though i dont have a phone yet, the phone is of greater use and is more mobile

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sweet_baby-14 says2015-12-29T20:11:18.6176825Z
I pick both

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