• Jacksepticeye

  • Markiplier

38% 11 votes
62% 18 votes
  • Deal with it.

  • Well, I've never seen the other one, but Mark is awesome, so yeah,

  • He is funny and a lot of humorous stuff entertaining enough to keep you busy for a month.Plus he played "Five Nights at Freddy's".

  • Why just Gamers? Anyway, I prefer mark cause he's sweeter.

  • My favorite youtuber.

  • I love both of these goobers, and they make me laugh so much, but I had to go with Mark. He's so much more of a teddy bear, and I get emotional with him. Again no hate on Jack, I love both of them.

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RoboRage says2015-01-14T09:18:51.3484760-06:00
Jack played five nights at Freddy's too!
Cjaypark says2015-01-28T13:14:29.4540185-06:00
I can't pick. Jack does make more games but Mark is so much more caring in his videos
tehsupertoaster says2015-05-13T08:01:31.2923542-05:00
Cant answer bruh there is too much swag here bruh
VinceGar says2015-05-22T18:13:44.7127697-05:00
I can't answer that. Both youtubers care deeply about their fans, share a common sense of humor, and play good games. Hard question.

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