• Vampire?

  • Werewolves?

53% 16 votes
47% 14 votes
  • duh, live forever and can actually control yourself. You also get super strength and can fly, so like, Vamps all the way

    Posted by: basils
  • Btw werewolf's,the actual story is that as vampires only drain blood,werewolf's eat humans to survive <3 just so you know

  • Que the lightening and Exorcist (from Ao No Exorcist) in the middle of an old graveyard at 3AM. Doggie is about to get put down by a Hugo Boss'd up Vampire. In all seriousness, the classic vampire is way more powerful and dangerous to fight than a werewolf. Some have centuries of experience to draw from and with Samhain approaching there's no better time to be a vampire.

  • it really depends on which movie/show we refer to. In certain movies/shows werewolves are better than vampires but having to walk on all fours and just change into a wolf out of anger wouldnt be all that great because i have anger issues.

  • I think people have forgotten the history of vampires. They represent gluttony, cannibalism, and greed. They abandon their own humanity by choice. They are also dead, werewolves aren't, usually anyway. Plus I love wolves.

  • Werewolves have the ability to shape-shift. Vampires may have a better reputation because of the Twilight Series, but werewolves have this combination of human/wolf instead of a bloodthirsty IN-human.

    Posted by: Emna
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Crystal_aka_CJ says2015-10-08T22:13:16.9081543Z
Just so yall know, this has nothing to do will twilight, I hate those kind of vampires. :P
krayracker says2015-10-09T02:38:46.8515115Z
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