• White Girls

  • Black Girls

43% 3 votes
57% 4 votes
  • Black girls are amazing, Look better nude, And are WAY more civilized than most of the white girls I know

  • When you've wronged a black woman, It's always an actual, Real, Meaningful wronging, And her retaliation Will be violence, And one or both of you Will be harmed and bloodied, And there Will be cops but called by a 3rd party, And you'll both be taken into custody. That is, If it isn't murder, One way or another. White girls make up things, Or classify tiny microcrap into Titanic OFFENSES, They hide behind other white girls like shields as they yell cop at the drop of a hat, And other white guys are idiot enough to defend them, As they think they'll "get something off them". In effect, White girls are overly sensitive liars, And black women are about retaliation and justice. If in the end, You kill your woman, The black woman at least understands "This Is Life". The white girl, Moron that she in her "all shoes"-brain is, Doesn't grasp the least of it, And will stand in judgment before God swearing fit to beat Hell and yammering at YHWH, "Do you know what he did? Do you know what he did? ! "

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