White woman gets feces shoved down her pants by black man.Should this be considered a hate crime/sexual assault?

Posted by: TheWorldIsComplicated

A man shoved feces down a woman's pants on Monday in New York City.

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No, it was because he was mentally ill.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-01T21:31:38.0485109Z
LOL! Is this for real! I feel sorry for the woman but this is just too hilarious and surreal for me! Who shoves poop down someone's pants?! XD
PetersSmith says2016-07-01T21:32:33.4078083Z
I don't see how this could be a hate crime, but it's definitely sexual assault, disturbing the peace, and probably batter (if you go by offensive physical contact).
Foodiesoul says2016-07-01T21:34:03.4983858Z
Where did he even find the poop to put down her pants? I really shouldn't be laughing but this is...Just...WOW! XD
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-07-01T21:35:44.6338341Z
Who knows...
Foodiesoul says2016-07-01T21:42:15.8843421Z
I hope that man at least washed his hands because it would be gross to touch stuff with poop-covered hands! XD
bballcrook21 says2016-07-01T22:36:31.3846173Z
It's assault and battery, so it would be two charges. It's not sexual assault, and it's not disturbing the peace.

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