Who Are You Voting for in the November Election?

Poll closed on 11/6/2016 at 12:00PM.
  • Donald J. Trump

  • Hillary R. Clinton

74% 17 votes
26% 6 votes
  • To make America great again!

    Posted by: matsu
  • Trump

  • trump is a nice and wonderful guy to be our president.

  • He's better then a criminal.......

  • I chose Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton will sink this country and cause the economy and government to collapse. The Dems have proven that there is no low point and there willing to do anything to win and they will step on anyone that gets in there way, including us the American voter. I would vote for my dog before I vote for Hillary Clinton! When Bill and Hillary left the White House in early 2000's they were flat broke. 16 years later they're worth a quarter of a billion dollars. What product were they selling that was that lucrative. Bill's speech costs tripled when Hillary became Secretary of State. Pay to play politics. That's bad enough with her being Secretary of State. What do you think she's going to do as leader of the free world. There will be nothing sacred. Everything will be for sale if and when she becomes president! I could go on and on and on. Like the 6 billion that went missing from the state department during her tenure. It's not a myth and hasn't been debunked like she keeps saying. What about her and Bill cleaning out the White House when they left. They stole irreplaceable antiques from previous presidents and she did the same when she left the state department! She's a pathological liar. How i know she's lying is because her mouth is open. There is nothing honorable about her. Donald Trump may not be the most honorable person, but he's a heck of alot more honorable than her. For those of you that would say that I just couldn't handle a woman as president. That is not the case at all. I'm all for a woman president! She is not the RIGHT one! There has never been anyone that has been so blatantly corrupt to run for president. If it wasn't for the corrupt DOJ and the head of the FBI she'd be juggling court cases not spreading lies on the campaign trail. She should have never been allowed to run for president! We don't need a failed career politician. She has created no jobs in 30 years. She's managed to take plenty away. Now after 30 years she's going to finally get it right. That's not a gamble that I'm willing to take! At the rate we're going as a country I'm scared of what my 8 year old sons future is going to be like! We need someone that is not a "career" politician. Why do you think Donald Trump has gone so far? The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that goes on in our government! If we don't make a change this voting year of 2016. Life as us Americans know it will be over! All i can say is my fellow Americans if you vote Hillary into the White House don't cry about what happens to all of us afterwards. Trump could not do any worse than her. She's going to cater to wall street, corporations, the George Soros and Rothchilds of the world. She's already sold off a sixth of our countries uranium to the Russians. She wants to blame Trump for being in bed with the Russians. Let me tell you that it wasn't selling are weapons grade uranium to the Russians which mind you just backed out of the nuclear agreement with us from the early 90's. Ironically the Russians a week ago held a 40 million citizen strong nuclear drill saying that they will be in war with us in no time. They also claim to have enough shelters/bunkers to house all of the Russian population. Has our government gone to that extent to protect us? No but they made sure that every politician has a place in some mountain bunker. It's called continuity of government. No continuity of citizens though. Anyway as i said Trump brings real change! I don't believe the convenient allegations against him. Never had a single complaint untill the Dems tried to discredit him. Last but not least the main stream media has destroyed itself and lost it's credibility with the American people. Nothing about Hillary's allegations. They've even gone as far as to lie for her and let her chose the questions to be asked and answered. She can't talk one on one with anyone. She had to take 5 days off to "prepare" for the last debate. Your a career politician you shouldn't have to "study" for the debate. She pivoted from anything that had to do with her and her wrong doings/crimes! She is as fake as they come! I can't understand for the life of me, why so many other of my fellow Americans can't see it and through her! I've said my piece. 19 days left for us to get this right. The Dems are the last group that needs to be in the White House after the last 8 years of failures and how the present president has weakened our country on the world stage! You need to look at the lies she's been telling, compared to the refreshing message that Trump has said. I don't believe that TRUMP is going to do anything other than what he said he was going to do. Hillary on the other hand her message is the same as every other lying politician before that they've never come through on! She couldn't talk about all the good she's done before, because there is no good. BTW I'm sure there's some navy seals that would disagree with her about her "getting" Bin Laden! People chose wisely. For our future, our children's future, and so on and so forth!

  • Donald Trump. He will cut taxes on businesses from 35% to 15% to allow companies to blossom and expand. He will repeal and replace Obamacare, and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. He will work with our Arab and Muslim allies in the Middle East to take down the Islamic State. He will protect the 2nd Amendment and bring back law and order to our countries, something desperately needed in our inner cities. All in all, he will Make America Safe and Great Again.

  • It still makes me want to go overdose on Heroin, but less so than before.

  • They both are terrible, I'd rather have Gary Johnson but Hillary is better than Donald.

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Mass_Debator69 says2016-10-20T16:10:10.4414638Z
I'm casting a vote AGAINST Trump
BrendanD19 says2016-10-20T17:53:12.3274729Z
Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

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