Who belives the official story of 911 is wrong and deceptive?


31 Total Votes


The official 911 story is false and there is major evidence to support this claim
18 votes


The official 911 is absolutely 100 percent true and verifiable
13 votes
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Shadow-Dragon says2014-09-25T16:39:38.3539253-05:00
Evidence points toward it being an inside job/conspiracy. Only ignorant people who refuse to watch the videos say that the theories are impossible. Of course, evidence leans that way, but neither side is verifiable. I probably believe it's a conspiracy, though.
YaHey says2014-09-25T16:44:17.1919001-05:00
I haven't heard a single theory that wasn't proved false. Pretty much all of the evidence points toward this not being a conspiracy.
Shield says2014-09-25T16:49:37.2203254-05:00
^That literally made no sense.
reece says2014-09-25T17:31:39.4992553-05:00
@Shield I think he meant false in the context of falsifiable.
Mister_Man says2014-09-26T04:35:45.3031606-05:00
Kasmic - If your argument is "lol tinfoil hat," then go away. Unknown95 - "I believe the government knew about the coming attacks and did nothing to stop or prevent them" ...Followed by "all the conspiracy theories of an inside job make almost no sense." ...So the conspiracy theory that you AGREE with, that the government knew about the impending attacks and let them happen, is just... What, exactly? Both of the comments for the idea that the official 911 story is true, are either insults or contradictions.
kasmic says2014-09-26T08:37:46.4465240-05:00
@misterman, I did not intend on being rude. My comment was intended to be a humorous response to annapurna1. Relax bud.
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-26T10:24:11.8372579-05:00
@kasmic Although you did admit it to be just goofing around, please do not make such insulting and rude comments. It also makes people who believe what you believe look like arrogant snobs. I am not calling you one in any way, I just want you to know that what you say represents not only you but others who say they believe the same thing as you. So please just be considerate of other people and especially of the people with opposing world views. (:
kasmic says2014-09-26T10:28:44.1613750-05:00
How hypocritical, why are you calling me out and not annapurna1? My comment is essentially the exact same.
kasmic says2014-09-26T10:34:48.9418088-05:00
Unless it is only offensive because I disagree with you?
Shield says2014-09-26T11:18:29.6624053-05:00
Survival Queen, I assure you Kasmic knows of the concept of cause and effect. You only seem arrogant yourself by assuming otherwise.
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-27T14:26:04.7028068-05:00
@kasmic Please do not assign ill will where there is not. I did not see @ Annapurna1 ’s comment so I did not address it. I will do so in just a minuet because I wanted this to be a nice page where people could respectfully voice their opinions. And no, what you said is not offensive because it is an opposing view; it is offensive because you are making fun of conspiracy theorists just as @Annapurna1 is. If I insulted you in any way please forgive me and know that I did not intend to. I did not wish to start a fight in any way. I did not mean to cause any riffs on this website. Are we cool?.
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-27T14:29:40.5315503-05:00
@Annapurna1 Please do not leave such insulting comments. That was very rude and someone has already expressed how offensive it is. It also makes anyone else who is a conspiracy theorist look bad and hurts their reputation. Please just be respectful and mindful of other people's opinions and views. I want people to be able to express facts and point things out in a comfortable and open environment without fear of ridicule and mockery. Please watch the way you speak and everyone will get along fine. (:
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-27T14:33:15.0974084-05:00
@Shield I assure you that I am well aware that he knows this. But sometimes it IS possible for people to know something and not realize it when offended or angry. I want people to be able to express facts and point things out in a comfortable and open environment without fear of ridicule and mockery. So as the creator of the poll of such a controversial topic, I feel that it I my job to ensure that this place is so. I reminded him that he has offended other people and asked him to just consider his words next time in a calm and respectful way. And I am asking the same of you. So please do so.
Haroush says2014-09-28T07:08:30.4697026-05:00
What strange characters..
SURVIVAL_QUEEN says2014-09-28T22:36:50.6373674-05:00
@Haroush and who do you refer to?
ihatethisname says2016-11-27T22:59:41.7733821Z
Make that 14-12 votes in favour of the conspiracy theory- I clicked the wrong button by mistake.

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