Who can't wait for the mass production of all graphene type materials?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes (omg!!! Omg!!!Omg!!!

  • No (what are you talking about?)

57% 4 votes
43% 3 votes
  • 2D materials hold great promise. It is good to see a question that talks about all different types as they certainly will create some interesting applications in the future.

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Preston says2014-07-16T09:28:59.2956336-05:00
Bias poll, GO Ommish
debate_power says2014-07-18T13:08:34.0619958-05:00
I don't care so much about technological advances as I care about societal advances. And yes, I know what graphene is.
debate_power says2014-07-18T13:09:14.2171680-05:00
Graphene certainly looks like it would lead to new and very light components.

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