Who created evil first: God or Satan?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Basically, what I'm asking is this. Evil has been around since the biblical times! One way or the other, a deity or some sort of presence must have introduced evil into the world. Which deity allowed evil to enter the world first: Heavenly God or Hellish Satan?

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God allowed evil to enter into the world first.

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Both God and Satan allowed evil to enter into the world at the same time.

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Satan allowed evil to enter into the world first.

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Heterodox says2016-08-01T18:19:25.3078003Z
Foodiesoul says2016-08-01T18:24:52.4863041Z
@Heterodox What are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean.
Adam2isback says2016-08-01T19:54:04.3942114Z
Satan chose to be evil. That God allowed it, is not the same as wanting it to happen.
reece says2016-08-01T20:15:03.6682832Z
Does anyone refute what I said?
Foodiesoul says2016-08-01T21:11:12.4474778Z
@reece I don't refute what you said. I completely agree with you! Great power should ALWAYS be treated with great responsibility! Sadly, lots of power in people such as presidents, cult leaders, and even the moderators on this site abuse their power and get power-hungry! That's NEVER a good thing because that always leads to trouble or acts of evil!
Foodiesoul says2016-08-01T21:11:45.8784921Z
*people in power
reece says2016-08-01T21:18:38.1735350Z
@Foodiesoul There's a difference between great power, and absolute power. He might as well be everything, or nothing.
reece says2016-08-01T21:21:16.3429489Z
They are one in the same for all I care.
Foodiesoul says2016-08-01T21:22:13.8449175Z
@reece What's the difference between great power and absolute power?
reece says2016-08-01T21:25:02.6223994Z
@Foodiesoul Great power is limited, absolute power isn't.
Foodiesoul says2016-08-01T21:26:24.1543432Z
@reece Okay. That makes sense.
GoOrDin says2016-08-02T00:35:00.5339617Z
Satan is God's left hand. The question is absurd. Satan is the agents of reality which ensure wickedness never goes unpunished, or unaccusable, nor unaccounted for. IT is the unrelenting retaliation of reality against wickedness.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-02T03:53:56.9273915Z
God didn't want to spent eternity in an all-black, boring universe, so he created matter and complex world. Evil if a NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of God's choice to create intelligent life. God's hand in the creation of evil should not and must not be ignored by philosophers.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-02T03:55:49.4821130Z
We must no longer see God as a perfectly righteous entity incapable of evil deeds. He is very much the father of evil activity, and frequently materializes as an evil, life-destroying force.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-02T04:15:24.2320434Z
Evil is also a matter of perspective and it's most likely impossible to eliminate from our universe. Evil exist because death and pain are real. If death or pain weren't features of our universe, the concept of evil wouldn't register.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-02T04:35:15.6937427Z
God wants his universe to be interesting and provocative. Evil cannot be avoided if that is God's aim.
reece says2016-08-02T05:52:30.4637908Z
"Evil" (or "bad") varies in complexity. Animals don't need to know the meaning to act accordingly. Does "bad" still exist with microscopic organisms... How about matter itself. What is the fundamental of "bad". Isn't it just matter feeding and building upon itself. Bad, good, it's all the same. It's Yin to the yang.
LifeLightI says2016-08-03T15:30:05.2455668Z
@Juan_Pablo_4_Hillary brings up a good point, however do remember that god is not a human, nor does he think like any life we know, or have ever known on earth. God is the all wise and his capability to be correct is much greater.
reece says2016-08-03T21:13:52.6018391Z
@LifeLightI It's almost like you're trying to self project. Read your last sentence. God wouldn't need wisdom to be correct. He would have to lie to not be.
reece says2016-08-03T21:19:31.9863656Z
He's all-knowing, isn't he?
U.n says2016-09-02T20:29:40.3798437Z
God created Satan. When Joe Paterno turned a blind eye to Jerry Sandusky's crimes, did we declare JoePa innocent? No, he was branded as an enabler for he had the knowledge and power to stop Sandusky's evil. God has the knowledge and power to stop Satan. Yet God opts instead to allow Satan to exist in our world. Why should it matter who created evil first? God is the great enabler of evil.
MLCvz says2018-06-12T20:20:04.9215950Z
"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." Isaiah 45:7 God created evil.

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