Who do you agree with most in the New Atheists vs. Progressives debate?

Posted by: Texas14

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Texas14 says2016-07-01T05:05:19.5051552Z
@UtherPenguin, why do you staunchly oppose new atheism?
Texas14 says2016-07-01T05:05:45.2955155Z
@UtherPenguin, why do you staunchly oppose new atheism?
Texas14 says2016-07-01T05:07:12.8554818Z
@reece, do you think Sam Harris is a xenophobe or do you just think that some in the new atheist community are xenophobes?
reece says2016-07-01T05:18:43.8440873Z
@Texas14 I Don't think Sam Harris is necessarily one. I can't really blame him. It's normal for public figures to be consumed by their own bubble. But yeah, I think it's the large portion of the community.
reece says2016-07-01T05:20:56.1034307Z
The problem is generalization.
Texas14 says2016-07-01T05:24:15.2548356Z
@reece, I largely agree. When Sam Harris and other prominent new atheists criticize Islam it's very detailed, intelligent and often nuanced. But if you read tweets from Sam Harris's followers, it can get pretty crazy.
reece says2016-07-01T05:24:44.7102269Z
@UtherPenguin I thought you were a socialist? Or am I confusing you with someone else?
reece says2016-07-01T05:33:13.1864051Z
@Texas14 That's the problem. A lot of people judge a person by their following, not by their substance.
UtherPenguin says2016-07-01T05:43:22.9865318Z
@Texas14 I less oppose atheism in general as much as I distaste the hostile, divisive mentality that New Atheism gives.
UtherPenguin says2016-07-01T05:45:54.6526484Z
@reece You're right, I used to be a hard-line socialist. Oh how I miss those days :P
reece says2016-07-01T05:50:35.3332460Z
What happened? :'(
Black-Jesus says2016-07-01T05:55:29.7577079Z
I have a quandary with the "New Atheist" term. Is it a term to describe hostile atheists? I mean, that's just weird. I've never really considered myself to be hostile, but I guess I would be a "new" atheist. But, what is a "new" atheist? Would modern Christians be considered New Christians or Muslims New Muslims? Does it describe the new wave of atheists who act like d*bags over the internet? What about the ones who act respectively? Would just the d*bags be considered "New Atheists" or would they get lumped together?
UtherPenguin says2016-07-01T06:03:17.5327034Z
@reece became less anti-capitalist, anti-capitalism was really the main basis of my socialism.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-01T06:06:35.7189146Z
I guess it's kinda like feminist/feminazi/SJW. People use those to describe the pretentious, female supremacists/ultra-progressive tyrants, no matter how aware they are that there are perfectly reasonable people who claim those titles.
reece says2016-07-01T06:07:53.4084086Z
@UtherPenguin Weird.
Texas14 says2016-07-01T06:16:23.0390090Z
@Black-Jesus, the best definition of New Atheist I've heard is "an atheist who is willing to stand up and advocate for atheism". Granted, it's a very broad definition, but it's better than some people on the progressive side defining new atheists as neoconservatives who happen to be atheists.
reece says2016-07-01T06:28:53.5226411Z
@Texas14 You have to admit a lot of New Atheists seem neoconservative. By the first definition I could be considered a new atheist.
Anonymous says2016-07-01T13:12:46.2036705Z
New Atheists certainly did a better job in my opinion.
Anonymous says2016-07-01T13:16:07.1698607Z
I don't like the Progressives because they always give Islam a free pass. If you criticize that, you are a racist or a xenophobe.
reece says2016-07-01T14:22:17.6787287Z
@tajshar2k ...And if Islam does wrong, you expect it to apologize and regulate itself? Blaming ideology only goes so far.
reece says2016-07-01T14:37:00.5777072Z
@tajshar2k It's a plus if we make atheists or moderates in the process, but we should be advocating the government for better policies also. That's where progressives come in.
Anonymous says2016-07-01T14:58:04.2994342Z
@reece Yes, I expect its followers to get their sh*t together, and realize that this religion is only causing more harm than good for them and everybody around them. Creating reform is not an impossible thing. Christianity has a New Testement, in contrast to their Old Testement which is very violent. Anyways, this doesn't add up because Progressives are quick to blame Christians and Christianity, but not Islam.
Anonymous says2016-07-01T14:59:31.9871550Z
@Reeece What kind of policies are your referring too?
reece says2016-07-01T15:28:03.2598038Z
@tajshar2k I'm sure you can make void your own points on what you expect. Anyway, you sound surprised about progressives. The reason progressives get pissed off about Christianity is because neocons use it as a political tool to hinder change and oppress people.
reece says2016-07-01T15:35:03.7346897Z
@tajshar2k firearm reform, drone strike reform, reform trading with Saudi Arabia, etc, etc , etc.
Anonymous says2016-07-01T15:57:25.3604897Z
@Reece Neo-Cons are all about bombing other countries.What does this have anything to do with Christianity? They are spreading the word of the Bible, they just want to bomb and nation build. You just admitted that progressives get mad at an ideology, which is basically refutes your first original comment.
reece says2016-07-01T16:18:55.9733087Z
@tajshar2k I'm sure you're being intellectually dishonest.1. Neocons try to provoke the "other" mentality to get into office and pass legislation, etc. The majority of Christians and people on the right in general tend to be susceptible to that sort of influence. 2. How does it refute the first thing I said to you?
reece says2016-07-01T16:32:27.7037186Z
I'm afraid to say Christians tend to be Republican... MURICA! AND FREEDOM! Let's spread democracy.
Texas14 says2016-07-01T17:56:09.4714892Z
@reece, neoconservatives were by and large in favor of the Iraq War. The only new athiest I can think of that was in favor of the Iraq War was Christopher Hitchens. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Penn Jilette, etc. were not in favor of it.
reece says2016-07-01T18:03:33.2376230Z
@Texas14 No, i'm mostly talking about followers of many of them. Like you said about twitter...
Anonymous says2016-07-01T18:10:16.2557732Z
@Reece 1. I really don't get how this has anything to do with Christianity itself. What do you expect in a Christian majority country? Of course Right wing christians will support them. Also Neo-Con's are not popular in America anymore, so we don't have to worry about that. 2. You said that blaming an ideology only goes so far, but progressives blame Christianity.
reece says2016-07-01T18:47:30.0783305Z
@tajshar2k 1. No, I mean the majority of Christians are republican. Neocons aren't popular in america anymore?? Are you kidding me! Look at Obama and the two presumptive nominees! Don't try to sweep it under the rug 2. Progressives blame people who use it as a tool for their own political gain.

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