Who do you like better? Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

Posted by: NothingSpecial99

  • Tesla

  • Edison

73% 22 votes
27% 8 votes
  • IF we had picked his methods over Edison's, we would have free, wireless power all over the entire world.

  • Thomas Edison was a greedy man that did not invent or innovate on anything. Edison was a greedy businessman that stole ideas and marketed them before anybody else could. Nikola Tesla on the other hand was a kind and intelligent man whom made many inventions and innovations. Tesla created the concept for free electricity, if it was taken more seriously, we would not pay for electricity. Tesla also innovated the light bulb by using flourecence. Tesla had many other great ideas as well. Thomas Edison's "inventions" were all a hoax.

  • Edison didn't invent the light bulb. Joseph Swan did and Edison created the same thing a few years later, joined companies with Swan- 'Ediswan' and took the credit.

  • Less of a businessman than Edison.

  • Edison was a douche who stole credit for the ideas of others and who decided it was cool to electrocute an Elephant. Telsa was a pioneer and a decent man. So honestly this isn't even a contest.

    Posted by: Espera
  • Even though Edison's DC electrical system was not as good as Tesla's AC electrical system, Edison invented hundreds of other things and found PRACTICAL uses for all of his ideas. Tesla played in his lab and came up with a few things and did not even capitalize on it. Edison was hard-working and capitalized on his inventions which means his work was more valuable.

  • Edison DID invent a ton of useful things, even if some of them didn't work. He is just as smart as Tesla, so we can't put him down because one of his inventions wasn't as good as the others.

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ccless1 says2015-04-21T16:36:45.7761086-05:00
What about George Westinghouse?
A2 says2015-04-21T19:43:03.2857583-05:00
I don't personally know either of them, so it's not my place to insult them or compare them.

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